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Catch Me If I Fall (David Rodriguez Fan Fiction) by 4wk4rd

13 pages · Fan Fiction
This story is about you and David Rodriguez who is Tumblr famous! will he fall for you? Read the story to find out :)

Twice upon a time by Cᴏᴏʟ ѕтᴏry вro. тell ιт agaιɴ.

11 pages · Romance
Three best friends. Two girls and one boy. Ellie Anna Scott is in love with her best friend and only Hannah knows about it. What happens when David meets Alissa and starts hanging out with her more then Ellie and Hannah? What will happen' when Alissa start to threaten Ellie to stay away from her boy...

Game by Isabella Baker

1 page
In 2012 my best friend left me when i needed him most, where am i now... Im in heaven. People everywhere have tried to find me, everyone gave up on hope that i would be alive. I dissapeared 4 months ago.

Die Austauschschülerin by Gogo

19 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
Laila ist 15 Jahre alt und wohnt mit ihrer Mutter in Hamburg. Sie fliegt nach Denever-USA für ein Jahr um einen Schüleraustausch zu absolvieren, obwohl sie die Sprache eigentlich relativ gut beherrscht. Ihre Gastfamilie hat sie sich, aber ganz anders vor gestellt. Sie wohnt mit Sam zusammen mit de...

Transfer Student From Belguim ~a David Rodriguez love story~ by løṿεÿ ḋøṿεÿ

9 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction · Romance
(The first David Rodriguez love story...I know barely anything about him but I think his cute) The new transfer student.his so cute.but barely knows English. His in all my class and the student council chose me to show him around.all the girls go crazy from.people saying he's famous all ove tumbl...

Can I love you? -Finished- by Lori,isMikaela'sRobin

21 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Realistic
I watched as Matthias and Mikaela hugged in the cold winter snow. I cant help but wish that was me holding her, keeping her warm. I wonder if we'll always be friends or if I'll ever have the guts to say " I love you Mikaela"- David Rogers (For Mikaela ♥ )

You saved me by ҚıdЯαuнℓ

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, It just won’t feel right, Cause I can't love you more than this ♥ {Liam Payne Love Story} ▲I don't own any Pictures in this Story▼

My Fantasy by Isabella Baker

1 page · Fantasy
I looked up to her and smiled " so what can u do here?" She giggled and smiled, she stood infront if me and said "Find Love" the better within brings the love of your dreams alive' Remeber your choice, your consequence "