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Emblem3 One Shots, Preferences, & ...

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Emblem3 One Shots, preferences, and Imagines. [Not taking requests at the moment]

Imagines/Preferences -on hold, request...

31 pages · Fan Fiction
For any youtubers/celebrites that I tagged:) -I WILL be finishing the imagines, i just dont have a computer right now to do them. I had to put this on hold because i h...

Emblem3 Preferences. [Finished]

16 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
All wrote by me.

Emblem3 Preferences, One Shots, and Im...

49 pages · Romance
Title says it all, TAKING REQUESTS.

Emblem3 One-shots, Imagines and Prefer...

17 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
I do requests! I just need your name, age, what you would like, which boy etc. I also do other fandoms like Supernatural, The Walking Dead, One Direction, 5SoS, YouTubers...

ICONic Boyz One Direction and Emblem3 ...

Requests are not open because I'm horrible at writing them >_<

Emblem3 Prefrences

24 pages · Fan Fiction
I take requests. :]

ToBeOne Preferences ~x

Open for Imagines/One Shot, and Preferences Requests ~ ♥ xx First Chapter has request form ♥

Skater Boy

39 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
This is the story of how a ballet girl falls in love with the skater boy, everyone says he's "not good enough for her" so she turns him down. But one day they...

Emblem3 preferences

9 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
These are just some emblem3 preferences I also take requests

Emblem 3 Prefrences

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Read them and decided to try!

Celebirity One Shots

7 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Taking requests! I'll write a one shot for anyone who wants one :)
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5 Seconds of Summer; One Direction; Em...

15 pages
My first time doing imagines so sorry if their bad. REQUESTS OPEN!

Preferences And Imagines

1 page
Preferences&imagines :)

Emblem3 preferences

9 pages
Not taking requests at the moment

Emblem3 Preferences

6 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
^^ Can you not read the title?

Emblem3 preferences!:)))

31 pages · Fan Fiction
Just another E3 preference story! comment request below!

Emblem3 preferences

6 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Most of them are picture preferences but not all of them! first emblem3 preferences so im sorry if they are bad. I promise they will get better. (taking picture/outfit pr...