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Be Mine(Exo one-shots & other kpop...

185 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
*Request Closed Currently* Make your Exo Dreams come true>.< (Although Kris has probably left Exo >< I will still be open to doing Kris request ^.^)

Loved Stray (EXO love story)

25 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
A girl was thrown on the streets by her own parents. Hours later a man finds her an takes her in. The man took her in, as her own daughter. As she got older... Littl...

Princess of Darkness - Vampire Kpop Fa...

41 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
"Haven't you ever wondered why you found it so hard to believe in that thing humans called love? That's because you were meant for something so much greater. A love that ...

It Started With a Kick (One Shot + SEQ...

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
I'm a nerd everybody knows that which is why I hate it when sombody messes with my head. So what if a ball hit me on the head out of nowhere? T^T my poor brain! Luhan you...

I Regret Leaving You In The First Plac...

13 pages · Romance · Fantasy
On her 14th birthday, a tragedy stuck Hye Soo's life after saving someone from a car accident. In result, she became blind, making her life worse than it already was....

Haru (Exo and SHINee FanFic)

94 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Haru has lived a ordinary life since she has transferred to Huin Academy, but when a reoccurring night mare is brought to the attention of her 6 closest friends they star...

Red Riding Hood :EXO Wolf Fanfic:

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Yang H-, I mean, Yang Rin is girl with a mysterious aura. After moving to South Korea, she finds herself attending a highly thought of arts high school along with 12 not-...

A Passport to Love. EXO Fanfiction

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Jazzlyn's best friend Jae Hwa surprises her with a trip to Korea to meet Jae Hwa's family, things couldn't be better. Maybe it was fate to meet her soulm...

Gang EXO (EXO Fanfiction)

2 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Luhan, the leader of the largest gang in town is back after training for being the official leader of his dad's gang. EXO's fathers are now passing down the job d...


12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
“She only has a week left. She suffers from cancer. ” “Only a week” Those three words made him breathless; he confessed and rejected, and on the same day there...

Unpredictable Love *Discontinue*

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You and Hun Lee ( Sehun ) are childhood friend. You thought your relationship will stay as a friend forever. But some events made you understand your feelings much better...

The Tree Of Life ((EXO Fan Fic))

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Sohee has had a recurring dream for three years and every day they grow more intense. One day, Sohee encounters a familiar bunch of people. A familiar bunch that she'...
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Fate Intertwined

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Park Min Ji is just a normal girl studying abroad. Atleast that's what everyone in her school thinks.But Min Ji have a big secret. Her brother is Park Chanyeol! A mem...

"I own you" (Exo Fanfic)

57 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Min ki grabbed his white cloth and began to wipe down the tables while Shi-woo brewed some fresh coffee, in no time the café smelt of coffee grounds. I’ll never grow t...

A New Begening

8 pages · Fan Fiction
Hey! there's another story with my charactere Terumi. I couldn't find any better title so...yeah... deal with it ^-^

Angel's Wish

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So Hee thought that this kind of mishap was bound to happen. Since she had been going to Tae Song Academy, she had suddenly grown feelings for the boy who had tormented h...

What is love (fanfiction)

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Kris. That's against the rules." She said it firmly. I sighed, "And? Does that get in the way of my feelings? I like you Sae Hee, don't you like me b...

Secrets (An EXO Fanfic)

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Every person has their own secrets. Hanna, a girl who is trying to get through highschool, is keeping a huge secret with a goal. What will she do when not only one but fo...

The Elemental Prophecy (EXO Fanfic)

21 pages · Action · Fantasy
Shizuka Natsume is a very popular J-pop star, as well as your average high school girl in her final year, living a normal life. However, when she encounters a series of b...

Kpop Boyband Scenarios For You *Hiatus*

50 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Ever feel like reading about your bias? Make it even more fun by having any scenario staring you with your bias! ^^

Just A Mile Away [EXO Luhan & Kara...

77 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
They say "Love comes when least expected." But when Kang Jiyoung met Luhan, is it really love?

That Girl (An EXO Fanfic)

39 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hehe, just read. I think you'll like it :D

Stand by me

1 page · Romance · Fan Fiction
Arianna Rumencek doesn't know love. She doesn't believe in it. She's a streetrat, unwanted by the public, hated by most. She lives in the open, stealing and d...

Kpop Scenerios/Oneshots (On a hiatus)

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Requests are open so comment and I will try to write them in anyway with any bias , but this is only for kpop~! Hope you guys enjoy :D
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