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Fire Emblem: Awakening One-shots [Requests OPEN] by sσℓeιℓ

72 pages · Fan Fiction
A bunch of Fire Emblem: Awakening things I wrote, put together. Unless it's part of my 7 min series, it'll most probably end up here. Any/all pairings accepted, including reader insert! Leave a request if you want!

The Shepherds by Niji Ame

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure · Anime/Manga
//gets shot// Okay, finally, here it is. What all of my followers have NOT been waiting for. Fire Emblem Awakening mini-adventures. Well, too bad! Maybe at least TRY to read these? Fire Emblem is a great series, guys. Awakening is one of the only games that ever made me cry. (Pokemon did, I admit it...

Ylissean Academy by Forgotten Warrior

13 pages · Fan Fiction
Another year has gone by. Another year filled with bullies, broken arms and insults will come again in a mere 2 months. You've had enough. You decide to enroll in a boarding school-but things you never imagined are to come...

A New Awakening by Serafina Wishes To Be Loved

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
So this girl gets sucked into this new Fe: Awakening game and has never played it so who know how it ill go? Plus along the way..She loses her actual memories! Poor girl must be scared..With these walking corpses and wars looming ahead..what can she do?

Fire Emblem Awakening Families by Tigereyes45

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
A story about the many different families in Fire Emblem Awakening. Will include chapters based on every couple. You can say in the comments which family you want to see next. I don't own Fire Emblem Awakening or any of it's charaters.

Thousand Regrets [A Fire Emblem: Awakening Fan Fiction] by X-Busra-The-Duck-X

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
This story takes place in the future Lucina and the others came from. The kids are around the 10-12 years old and try to survive without their parents and, of course, with each others help. The pairings are from my main file in the game, if you don't like it then... I'm sorry. Also this ...

Fire Emblem Awakening: The Diary of a Tactician by DragonTamer411

24 pages · Fan Fiction
Every great historic wrote about the Shepherds and their adventures, even after all the great warriors faded away with time. One of the most interesting figures for these writings was the beloved tactician. Many stories evolved around this person but none could ever be confirmed. This was until the ...

Happy Birthday Morgan! [Fire Emblem : Awakening fanfic] by KυυѕσυGιяℓ

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
It's Morgan's birthday, and he hopes that everyone remembers that it is his birthday!

Goodnight Story by sσℓeιℓ

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
In the 'bad timeline' (Lucina's original time), Chrom and MU are gone, leaving their young children, Lucina and Morgan, prone to nightmares and sadness over their disappearances. When Morgan wakes up crying, Lucina tries her best to cheer him up, even if only a little, with talk of paral...

Branded a Fire Emblem Awakening FanFiction by Hatake Kakashi

17 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Lon'qu is curious as to what Gaius is hiding ever since he saw him be forced into a swim suit at the beach. (Summer Scramble) Determined to find out, Lon'qu follows Gaius around camp while he's doing the night patrol. (This is one of my versions of Gaius' past. Someone requested it t...

A Tactician's Tale by veronicle

34 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Sooooo it's about my own chara Verona. so yeaaaaaaaa also a lot of it is fire emblem dialogue and the story from the chara's point of view and so yeeaaaa Fire Emblem Awakening (c) Nintendo Verona and some of the extra story line and stuff (c) meeeeeee! -----------------------------------...

Fire Emblem ~Drabbles by xXKeikoChanXx

3 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
-Fire Emblem 7 (GBA)*, Fire Emblem Awakening -Genres : Fluff*, Humour -Types : CanonXCanon*, CanonXReader Insert*, tribute ((*=not yet but likely to be updated))

The Wish that Changed Everything (Fire Emblem Awakening) ON HOLD by TheQueenofCreativity

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Annalisa was a regular 19 year old girl who loved life and more specifically video games. When her family leaves for vacation one day, she makes a wish. When she wakes up, she's shocked to learn that's she is in her wish.

Naga Help Us! (A Fire Emblem: Awakening Story)

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN THE GAME OR ITS PLOT BUT WE DO OWN OUR CHARACTERS AND THIS STORY!...YOU KNOW THE DRILL BY NOW- COPY IT IN ANY WAY AND WE WILL REPORT AND BLOCK YOU! Four teens get to see a world they never would have thought they would ever see before. The problem is? Only one of them ac...

Anime Scenarios [Requests OPEN]

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
A compilation of short anime/game scenarios. Request something if you'd like!
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