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A Piece Of Paper

91 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
IF YOU DON'T LIKE GAYS, THEN DON'T READ! THIS STORY IS ALSO FINISHED. Levi always writes notes to himself, then rips them up to feel better. What if his older br...

The Baby and The Sitter

90 pages · Realistic · Romance
Two boys. One old enough to almost be an adult, one almost a teenager. One is sensitive, one is blunt. One is obsessive, one is naive. Total opposites, right? Carter H...


136 pages · Horror · Romance
*BXB*Sawyer's parents sent him to an insane asylum at an early age but now as he turns 18 they must take him home. But they have already adopted a new child, 14 year old ...

I Kissed A Boy

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance
"I used to be straight." Tyler says. "Until I met him." --One drastic party night, a few drinks, and a kiss can change an entire life.

Best Friend's Boyfriend

64 pages · Romance
In my defense, I met him first. But that doesn't matter since he's already my best friend's boyfriend. -- Sometimes one night can change everything.

Curiosity Killed the Cat ( BxB )

89 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
His body was pressed against mine. He wouldn't release me. " Say you'll forgive me, and I'll let you go, " He stared at me dead in the eyes. I shook my head, and he pin...

Stalker bxb

72 pages · Realistic · Romance
"W-why do you keep following me." I bit my lip as he stepped closer. I stepped back. We continued this until my back hit the lockers. He put his hands onto the lo...

Just A Kiss *COMPLETE*

104 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Warning: BxB "Hey baby!" I just felt arms snaking through my waist as I was so busy. Looking back as to who it was, I just realized it was him. "Hey." fo...

With The Dark

152 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Thriller · Fantasy
Riddle, a nerdy pretty boy who has nothing in his room but text books, shiner for his glasses, and nothing in his closet but high-top Converse, bow ties, and comic book t...

Two Wrapped In One [FINISHED]

77 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
(IF YOUR DON'T LIKE GAYS, THEN DON'T READ!) Nick finally gets his birthday wish, he gets enrolled at a dance studio for the summer. Who said that the dance instructor co...

The Feelings I Shouldn't Have

90 pages · Realistic · Romance
(If you are homophobic than please don't click on this story.Thanks ♥) Suddenly I was thrown against a locker. It didn't hurt or anything but it still shock...

Desire For His Hate (bxb)

79 pages ~ Completed · Romance
August is innocent, sweet, and loving. Until a boy comes around changing his thoughts, manipulating his mind and stealing his innocence. August knows the boy is doing wro...
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Pfft, Pray the Gay Away?

13 pages · Realistic · Romance
Oliver James Stevertson is gay. When he tells his best friend of nine years, Kyle, that he's in love with him, Kyle completely rejects him. Then of course Kyle tells ...

My Obsession (Rin Matsuoka Love Story ...

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Torei is a new transfer student to Samezuka Academy. He accidentally stumbles upon the swim team one day and finds himself fawning over a certain redhead. Set in seaso...

He Teaches History (BxB)

36 pages · Realistic · Romance
Michael is a new student at Bradburry High, having moved from California all the way to Maine over Christmas break. He's kinda shy, which doesn't help with making...

I love you! (boyxboy)

30 pages · Romance · Humor
To Tommy, Itsuko is perfect. He loves everything about him from his crimson eyes to his sweet voice so he is over the moon when he finds out Itsuko loves him back. But wh...

The Teachers Pet (ManxBoy/Werewolf)

48 pages · Fantasy · Twilight · Fan Fiction
What happens when the person you have been looking for, for 100 years finally comes in site but he is forbidden fruit. The kind that can not only get you fired from your ...

Delectable Desires

8 pages · Romance
|| Warning, BxB content ahead || With the world divided once more between the lines of the dominant and submissive, is love even truly possible? When a young boy named Ad...

Can't Deny~Larry Stylinson

Harry and Louis are just friends. Harry knows that. Close friends yeah, but that's natural - they work together in a band. Nothing more. But when one day Harry look...


52 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Realistic
With little guidance from his mother, Nathan Parker has strived to do his best at school ever since first grade. He hasn't gotten a grade lower than a C, a detention ...

I Hate You.

16 pages · Fan Fiction
Liam Dunbar and Brett Talbot are supposed enemies but what happens when one falls for the other? Liam was always short tempered and angry but when Brett gets transferred ...

Teach Me to Feel (bxb)

49 pages · Realistic · Romance
Kaylen is a carefree teenage boy. He pretty much loves life and always tries to keep an upbeat attitude. When Cameron moves to down, and breaks down the happy boy with so...

Mute meets mute (Boy x Boy)

25 pages · Realistic · Romance
Ethan Grey is an only child and lives with his mom His father died, and he has to move to a new state. Bad part, is that he doesn't talk. Jay Mabbit lives with his f...
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