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The Baby and The Sitter

87 pages · Realistic · Romance
Two boys. One old enough to almost be an adult, one almost a teenager. One is sensitive, one is blunt. One is obsessive, one is naive. Total opposites, right? Carter Hansen is a hired babysitter for Avery Meadow and might come to a strong liking for the younger kid, while Avery has no clue and wa...

Falling for the Asylum Escapee BxB

151 pages · Thriller · Romance
Evan Jones isn't a normal teenager. He's insane, completely and utterly insane. He hears voices when there aren't any, feels hands on him when he's completely alone, and had problems with people. All except for one though, the one who helped him keep what small amount of rationality ...

Just A Kiss *COMPLETE*

104 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Warning: BxB "Hey baby!" I just felt arms snaking through my waist as I was so busy. Looking back as to who it was, I just realized it was him. "Hey." following a kiss on his lips. "I love you." he said. "I love you too." I said in reply. But, there is somet...

Hidden Tragedies

54 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
FINISHED Everybody has a story and a reasoning. Clew Cunnings is a not-so-normal teenage boy until he meets new student, Reign Adas. Being misunderstood is the least of any of their worries. "How could you do that to me, Clew?" "I will listen next time, I swear, Reign. It will never ...

Build Me A Castle

64 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
"You should build me a castle where I'll be the king and you would be my queen." Sam whispered. "But I'm a boy." Charlie said in confusion. "Then I guess there are two kings. Or you could always be the court jester." *Gay love story **Don't like don't read.

His Desire For The Taste Of Cherries by Stay True

21 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
Carson finally escapes from the mental hospital he's been locked in for years, but ends up loosing himself in the forest in the middle of the night. When a mysterious boy appears next to him and offers to take him to the city, Carson knows something isn't right. Suddenly being kidnapped, he ...

One kiss is all it took by ℓσѕт ιи тнє Dαяк

24 pages · Romance · Realistic
Dominik is your average 17 year old boy, going to parties, getting girls, good grades and friends. One day, as usual Dominik gets invited to a party, of course he wouldn't miss out. As teenagers, they play games. Truth or Dare, a big one. So Dominik gets dared to kiss another boy, Dominik does, can ...

The Nerd, the Emo, and the Jock. *Finished* by Death's Massacre

15 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
A guy named Danny is a typical teenage boy. He's gay, and he has two potential lovers. Great right? Wrong! One is a bad boy who is a total jerk, and one is a super cute nerdy boy. Which will he choose?

I'm Always Here: Marshall Lee X Prince Gumball by Moon

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Adventure
"What're you doing?" I asked, he was pulling off his shirt. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he replied standing back. "Committing suicide." "Well, you have a really dark imagination." he started to run toward the ledge. And before I knew it he was alre...

Perfection. by Satan's Princess

33 pages · Romance
I walked down the hall in my boxers. My hair was probably in a tangled nappy mess. Even though I just rolled out of bed I guaranty I still looked sexy. You know, in that sexy sleepy boy way. I walked past my sister's room and heard her singing along with a 15 year old Miley Cyrus, or Hannah Montan...

Teach Me to Feel (bxb)

45 pages · Realistic · Romance
Kaylen is a carefree teenage boy. He pretty much loves life and always tries to keep an upbeat attitude. When Cameron moves to down, and breaks down the happy boy with someone help him? Xavier the other new kid in town tries to have a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, but will he still...

Life as He Knows It (bxb) by whatilivefor

70 pages · Realistic · Romance
After his parents' divorce, Evan, his older sister and mum move states to get away from his father. Evan is less than happy about this, but does his best to settle into to his new life. Little does he know that this move with bring a lot more than new friends, but will his old best friend Camero...

My Teenage Tragedy (On Hold) by Fox.Prince

40 pages · Romance · Realistic
River Smith is the new kid at his school.He's a junior in highschool.He's very awkward and anti-social, so this is his story.This story is about how he got through school.He goes thought heartbreak,lost and he falls in love.Will his life really end in a teenage tragedy?Or in a fairy tale?re...

Need by Useless

45 pages · Romance · Realistic
(This is a boyxboy story, based off fictional characters.) Tristen Jameson is a teenage boy, in need of some attention. He may not know it, but it's the truth. He's in love with his boyfriend, and adores his brothers. He loves his father, but sometimes he feels like his father doesn't love him. Ma...

Golden Perfection *BxB* by Supercalifragalisticexpialadocious

8 pages · Romance
"You are my world. You are my everything. You are, in my eyes, Golden Perfection." Francis was just a broken teenage boy. That was, until one boy came into his life and turned everything around...for good.

Clearing by R. A. Havisham

35 pages · Romance
When loner Nathan gets paired up with the popular jock Paxton on a high school project. The two boys are not happy about it, but after they get to know one another. They fall head over heels for each other but at what risk.

I'll Never Let You Go. (BxB)

2 pages · Romance · Realistic
Harley is the average teenage looser; lacks in friends, confidence and is scared to stick up for himself. Jackson, on the other hand, is the average bad boy; always disrupting lessons, never following the rules and everyone who comes near him is scared of him. The only problem is, they both share fe...

Breathless(bxb) by kit

34 pages · Romance
(Boyxboy) Miles doesn't like anything. How much can Melchior change?

Scars Of Yesterday by AnimaterDream

23 pages · Adventure · Romance
Jayy is a normal teenager with a loving girlfriend and a best friend from Pre-K. How will he deal when he meets a mysterious boy? You'll have to read to find out..

Hide and Seek by e l e c t r a

5 pages · Romance · Realistic
BOYXBOY Jayden Emerson has never seen a boy quite like him. He is strongly taken back by his gorgeous eyes, chestnut hair, and sexy smile. Who is this person? He's never seen him before?
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