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The Nerd Project

195 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
"You're a guy, you know what you like. Make her into that girl. And stick with her." Leo explained tossing a chip into his mouth. "We'll call it The Nerd Project." "Why ...

Rejected : One Lover, One Mate

258 pages · Romance · Adventure
Crystal Rose Snow wasn't the prettiest girl in the kingdom. She was considered fat, ugly, unwanted. She was born into royalty but that doesn't necessarily suggest...

Game Time

72 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
The school player, Ross Ebbeckee, has always had every girl wrapped around his finger due to his copious amounts of charm and appeal, leaving them speechless after he dum...

It Started With A Dance.

237 pages · Romance · Humor
Katrina Chance is a girly, feisty, innocent girl. Now, here's Christian Duke.The school's badboy. He's reckless, and a little on the rebellious side. No, actu...

My Facebook Lover [Completo]

207 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
I'm Macy Meyer. A normal teenage girl who get teased by not having a boyfriend by my so called friends. So, I made a fake account of a guy on facebook and set our status ...

Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

209 pages · Romance · Horror
You're a nice, normal girl who's lived in the mountains with your legal guardian Buddy for most of your life. You don't leave home much and don't really k...

The Principal's Daughter *Finished*

104 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
♥~ Lia is the perfect daughter of the principal. Jay is the sexy rebellious bad boy. What happens when the Connelly Academy Board of Education decides to make Lia tuto...

Now Ill Take Care of You

94 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Sixteen year old Casey, she doesn't even know her last name... Shes lived at the South Carolina Orphanage for Girls since she was five. Until one day the Grier family...

Catch Me

192 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Parker smiled at me, "And then, I met this girl." My heart stopped--the whole world seemed to stop. "She's hopeless, couldn't walk on flat ground if she tried," He said...

Just A Freak

142 pages · Realistic · Romance
I'm late. I mean, of course I am. I'm just the kind of girl that gets bad luck 24/7. The universe thinks "I wonder who we'll pick on today" ...

The New Girl

99 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Romance
A new girl moved into the neighborhood. Her name is Scarlett. What happens when she meets the bad boy, Jake? All he does is get into girls pants and throw them away like ...

The Pranking Queen / James Potter

187 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
The Pranking Queen was a genius. For five years, she'd been pulling the most marvelous pranks throughout the school, yet nobody knew her identity. As hard as the Mara...
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Love Doesn't Count

20 pages · Action · Romance
What's her name? What's her true identity? Her job allows very few to know. She is on a mission, a mission for the sake of the world, otherwise, the worst could h...

Fifty Shades of Fazbear (FNAF) [Foxy L...

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A girl, Amy, is looking for a new job and finds one as the security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It'll be a piece of cake, right? Wrong.

The peasant movement (AshxReader)

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
A girl wants peasants to be treated fairly. She thought that people should stop calling people peasants. The Queen herself invited you to stay at her estate because she w...

City of Love

2 pages · Romance · Humor
"Hello there." I screamed and grabbed the first thing I could see. A hairbrush. "Who's there?" I held the hairbrush out like a sword. "Show yo...

Illusions in the Girls (A Hetalia stor...

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
There are two family's in the world that hold a secret. Its not your normal Secret. Its a secret that got two friends kidnapped by...their own country? - HEY I AM BAC...

Wishing for Lavender

7 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
"What is your favorite color?" They ask her "Lavender" "What's your favorite flower?" They ask her "Lavender" "Who is your favorit...


3 pages · Mystery
As a seven year old girl, Charlie was abused, confused, and lost without her father. She was taken to a facility after she killed her mother and almost killed her father.

Her Violet Iris

32 pages · Action · Adventure
NOTE: THE NAME OF THIS STORY WILL MORE THAN LIKELY BE CHANGED! In her parents' shadow, Vivian has been trained with everything one could imagine--spells, weapons, mar...

Welcome To The World Of Fairy Tail?

3 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
A girl named Y/n was never liked in her hometown. What happens when she ends up in Magnolia one morning and stumbles onto the Fairy Tail guild hall? But what else happens...

Saving Alexander

10 pages · Action · Romance
[ c o p y r i g h t © e l i z a b e t h ] A broken boy. A shy girl.

Don't Toy With Me

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Taliah Ann Grey wasn't your average "girl". She was different, with all her little habits. One night her parents die because of revenge. She has to go to a...

Exchange Student | Janiel |

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Twilight
"Everyone I would like you to welcome the new student from America..Jai-? Jaa-" "Jade" the girl said quietly. "Jade Cullen" Mrs. Worthings said...
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