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Scenarios, Creepypasta Boyfriend

41 pages · Romance · Horror
Hi! These scenarios includes (in order) Slender Man, Happy Appy, Laughing Jack, Jeff the Killer, Kagekao, Ticci Toby, BEN Drowned, Herobrine, Homicidal Liu, Masky, Hoodi...

Creepypasta BF Scenarios

32 pages
I decided to try this myself! I know that some of them aren't Creepypasta, but most people count them as creepypasta, so what am I supposed to do there? Anyways, tell...

Memories are Blessings (Herobrine x Re...

29 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
(Name) is a girl who wakes up in a strange world only to realize she has lost her own memories. Lost, scared and confused, she ventures through the world.

Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios!

32 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Seen lots of these around here, so I decided to make my own! Hope ya like it!

Trapped by Herobrine

29 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
When 17 year old Sofi Carson gets sucked into the world of Minecraft with some of her favorite YouTubers, her world is literally changes completely. Why me? She wonders. ...

White little eyes

9 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
You live in the nether with your father, Herobrine. You don't like it you rather be with your Mother and Brother in the Kingdom. But one day you meet the prince of th...

CreepyPasta Scenarios

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This will contain (In this order) Slenderman, Ben Drowned, Jane the Killer, Sonic.exe, Lost Silver, Bloody Painter, Suicide Sadie (Sadie Serenade), Herobrine, Eyeless Ja...

Don't Wake Me Up [Herobrine Love Story]

7 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is a side-story that was inspired by the the Mob Talker mod (lol) the Herobrine Dreams mod, and Chris Brown's new song, "Don't Wake Me Up." :D

Once and For All

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
"The time has come..." the old King said as he turned to face his only son, "We must begin the search for the Eight Heroes, Herobrine must be stopped, once an...


48 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
It's been years since the last attack from Herobrine, but now, after Setosorcerer had switched sides from good to evil, he has a chance of taking over Minecraftia. It...

In Their Own World

143 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Sarah and Kayla are Famous gaming YouTubers that just graduated high-school. After many days of fun and summer their world turns upside down. Kayla and Sarah have some te...

Hidden Power

17 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Adam, or Sky as some call him, is just a normal guy living a normal life, until one day. What happens when he meets someone who is a little different than your average pe...
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5 pages · Romance · Adventure
Everyone who found this should want to visit the minecraft world, but what if you lost your memory in the process? Read more plz!

Traces of Minecraft

5 pages
Herobrine is back into the game... and he takes people with him. This time, though, he has a reason, and not all kids from before were sucked in. He takes five kids-to ...

Minecraft PE Survival

33 pages ~ Completed · Adventure
Sofia and her friends love Minecraft PE. But what happens when Herobrine appears in their game? THIS IS MY FIRST STORY! ps all credits go to google for the pics.


23 pages · Adventure · Romance
She is just a glitch in the game that one boy loves so much , but to him she is his world. How could anything but disaster come from this? But love is love and it will do...

The Story of Herobrine

8 pages · Horror · Short Stories
Here's my take on the story of the famous Herobrine. Do you believe?

A Prison in the End of the World

6 pages · Thriller · Fan Fiction
If you like Minecraft, you'll like this story. If you like the Ender Dragon, you'll like this story. Herobrine, Endermen, Endermites, the End, the Nether, the Ove...

Minecraft the Movie: Herobrine's R...

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Hey there guys. Remember, like, a year ago, when you got sucked into MineCraft? Well, it's happening again. But this time, you came prepared! Herobrine doesn't h...

A Strange Mine Story

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Lonely girl, Ember goes throughout school getting bullied all because of her secrets. Comes home to be ignored, due to her silent nature. Her only escape is the world sh...

The two villans of minecraft

18 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kasai lived in a cave with her pet zombie and her baby girl. She was known for stealing from villages. Please Read!

The Rise of Herobrine

39 pages · Adventure · Action
You're playing Minecraft one day when your computer crashes, and you suddenly black out. You wake up in the game of Minecraft with familiar people, and try to find a ...

Stalker in Minecraft (Herobrine love s...

11 pages · Horror · Romance
Faith is always being watched by someone but she never knew who until she started playing Minecraft.

I Won't Let You Take Them! EnderQu...

6 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
If you enjoyed the story EnderQueen then you just HAVE to read the sequel. This is just what EnderQueen goes through day and night to protect her subjects from Herobrine....
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