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The invaders assistant

21 pages · Mystery · Romance · Fan Fiction
What if you watched your life crumble infront of you? Watched your family getting taken away from you, With only a small sentence of advice as a goodbye? That's my life....


4 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
He shouldn't have ever believed that he could find love with his enemy, and because of his error, Dib and the rest of the world were now paying for his foolishness. one-s...


3 pages · Fan Fiction
Just... Drabbles. o-o If there's anything you want me to continue, comment!

Superiority Complex

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
An immortal being with a pen that can write anything into existence. A small green Irken trying to become Overlord of Humans. A cafe in a small town. Two narcissistic age...

Anni and the Door of Travels

24 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
When a young girl named Anni moves to a strange house, she finds a strange door. With the help of her new friend, Joseph, Anni discovers a world she thought didn't exist....

Crystalized Roses

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Horror
NOTE: three characters in this story I don't own...Zim, Dib, and Gaz...any likenesses to real people are coinsidental...the story was inspired buy Emilie Bronte's Wurther...

Horrible X-mas Of Horrible Doom (Invad...

2 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
It's another Christmas for the invader zim people! Based on Gaz, Zim, Dib, Gir, and a NEW CHARACTER! <-- Made by me (I do not own Invader Zim all the credit goes t...

Invader Zim Love Story ] Chapter's 1 a...

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
PLZ READ THIS DESCRIPITION! ok so this story is about a fanfic i'm making.It involve's my Irken Alien and Zim so yeah. if you want to see more pics of the couple go to...

Invader Zim Fanficton (read discription)

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Reader x zim : You were a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes, in the same classroom as Zim and Dib, your name was Ari. When you first arrived, people thought not mu...

Loving My Enemy (Invader Zim Fanfic)

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Jax is Invader Zim's little sister. She hopes desperately to become an invader, but when she is denied by the red tallest, The purple tallest sneaks her aboard Zim's Voot...

Strawberries Zadr Fanfiction

Dib sees something interesting at lunch

Doomsday - MLaaTR fanfic.

23 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction · Romance
In the earth’s final day, the destroyer watches over the forgotten land. Waiting to be crowned. Waiting for the hero. Jenny Wakeman also known as global response u...
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3 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
An Invader Zim story. After years of being on earth, Zim is no lobger trying to take it over, though his fights with Dib never end. Four more Irkens were found after a...

Original Characters Con.

1 page · Fan Fiction
Part two of the oc collection. This one just has ocs for invader zim... yeah... Characters cannot beused without permission what's so ever.

Stupid Fanfic Theater 3000

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
In a world plagued by horrible writing, stupid storylines, and over the top OOC-ness, five will rise up from the ashes to claim their rightful place as smartass extraordi...

An Irken and his robot

2 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
After a practically unsuccessful attempt to over take earth, Zim is feeling quiet down. Gir noticing something wrong with his master decides to cheer him up, however, whe...

A friend from past shadows (invader zi...

13 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
If you hate the idea of Zim being happy this story is not for you. This story is about a 17 year old vampire named Sara Shadow meeting zim.

King For a Day

1 page · Action · Fan Fiction
Invader Zim fanfic where future paranormal investigator Dib meets Jin, a mysterious girl who is the first to ever show interest in his work. What will happen when Dib ask...

The Dimension Crossing

12 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Science Fiction
This is basically a mash-up of all my favorite shows , games , etc. The main plot is that in the Invader Zim Dimension , Invader Texaur is planning on making a time machi...

Eternal Suffering

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Zim Yumichika and Devon Vendetta are back and deeply in love with each other as always. Devon's best friend Lia Albright moves away and is replaced by a geeky looking kid...