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94 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
Can two broken people come together and fix themselves? Isaac Lahey, a newly bitten werewolf and member of Derek's pack is finally starting to find himself after the deat...

Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story-

523 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Season 1: Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. But what she's going to do when her brother is going to turn in a werewolf? A lot of th...

All I Want - [Teen Wolf/Stiles Stilins...

211 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Tears prickled her eyes as she choked out,"I thought we were best friends?" "Were. As in past tense," Stiles rolled his eyes in a bored manner, ignoring t...

Limitations. -Isaac Lahey-

115 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
She was off limits. He knew that well, going for her would cause utter chaos. Derek would never allow it. Not to mention that they would surely rip him to shreds if he so...

Only In My Dreams (Derek Hale Love Sto...

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Wolves take care of their own.

I Don't Like Him!

131 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
My life is pretty average. Well, if you count dealing with your everyday werewolves among other supernatural things normal. Ugh. My life is a mess.


58 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery
Aurora Argent is Allison's twin sister, she come back to Beacon Hills when her father told her. What will Scott and Stiles responds when they're seeing her again?...

Don't Let Me Go - Stiles Stilinski

160 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Julia Martin is more than just another sad case. Her hard exterior and knowledge of the supernatural gets her mixed in the well kept secrets of Beacon Hills, as well as a...

Teen Wolf Preferences

49 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A series of Teen Wolf preferences.

They Brought Me Out Of My Shell

81 pages
Isaac's father beats him, so Derek offers him something that will change his life. What happens when the werewolf boy finds his soul mate? The story of Isaac Lahey and h...

The Alpha - Derek Hale Love Story.

238 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
My parents lay there motionless. What im trying to say; they were dead. There throats ripped open, cut so deep you could see part of their spines. Blood was everywhere. S...

The Shy Girl -Derek-

39 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Samantha Rigs is your average seventeen year old girl, she's a student at Beacon Hills High school. Samantha is about the shiest girl you'll ever meet, her only friend is...
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She's Just a Girl || Teen Wolf ||

10 pages · Fan Fiction
I'm broken and I need someone to fix me, I want you to be that someone, NO...I need you to be that someone, so please fix me. But if you're only going to break m...

Inevitable. |Derek Hale|

28 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Emilia is sent to Beacon Hills High School to take on a mission by her Alpha, Blake. On her journey, she will recognize the wicked and the virtuous people among her speci...

Misfits - Isaac Lahey Fanfiction

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Welcome to my humble life of isolation and insanity." -Odessa Blackwater [Season Two and on-]

Just you and me in the moonlight [Isaa...

45 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Serena Hale, the youger sister of Derek Hale, just got to Beacon Hills. After a quite hard time spent after the fire, Serena wanted just to spend time with her only famil...

Behind These Hazel Eyes [Sequel to Beh...

34 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
After everything that has happened, Adelaide feels as if she can't trust Derek anymore. Meanwhile Adelaide is slowly slipping back into her old ways, Derek is focused...

Grumpy Cat (Stiles Love Story)

169 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Think Teen Wolf in College. This story is a bit different from the show. Stiles meets Derin Hale at the college frat party. As soon as he stared into those green eyes, ...

They Don't Need to Understand

20 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Isaac Lahey Love Story

The girl with the Blue hair - Teen wol...

141 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Post 3B original storyline Stiles Stilinski Romance Lots of action (im bad at these things, just read the first chapter and you'll be good)

Moonlit Desires

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Average highschooler Scott McCall attains the bite of an alpha werewolf and inherits the curse himself, and must learn to defend himself from the enemies and trials to co...

Sadie's Rebellion

67 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
Scott McCall has a sister named Sadie who is 12 and ready to grow up. But Scott isn't going to let that happen.

The Shapeshifter

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Delaney is Ethan and Aiden's sister. When she follows her brothers to Beacon Hills with the Alpha pack, she finds out that she needs to do something to protect the tw...

Titanium (Teen Wolf)

17 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
What happens when Chris Argent's biggest secret comes out to the light. What happens when his lost daughter suddenly is the only hope. Can Katerina forgive him or wil...
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