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They Brought Me Out Of My Shell

81 pages
Isaac's father beats him, so Derek offers him something that will change his life. What happens when the werewolf boy finds his soul mate? The story of Isaac Lahey and h...

Only In My Dreams (Derek Hale Love Sto...

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Wolves take care of their own.

The Alpha - Derek Hale Love Story.

238 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
My parents lay there motionless. What im trying to say; they were dead. There throats ripped open, cut so deep you could see part of their spines. Blood was everywhere. S...

Miracles (Stiles Stilinski Love Story)

78 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
“Would you ever fall in love with a werewolf? Scott asks me that question every day and I would laugh at him and shake my head telling him that was never going to happe...

The Shy Girl -Derek-

39 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Samantha Rigs is your average seventeen year old girl, she's a student at Beacon Hills High school. Samantha is about the shiest girl you'll ever meet, her only friend is...

Though the Camara Lens

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Derek Hale was the schools basketball captain. Every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him. He was loved by all, except one... - Young Derek Hale Story -

Loosing Game *Isaac Lahey Love Story*

92 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Hi gorgeous," His hot breath connected with my skin, "Isaac stop," I plead as he pushes me up against a wall, "Don't worry Hun, it's just me." he whispers.

Blossoming Rose

142 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Emma Rose and her family are looking for a new start. After a troubled situation in Maine, they travel all the way across the country to Beacon Hills, California. Emma, a...

Cutter's Don't Cry *Finished*

67 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
"When you quit fearing pain, when you learn to love the pain you will loose fear of everything." I could see the tears in her eyes as I spoke, she reached out and wrapped...

War.-Isaac Lahey-

109 pages · Fan Fiction
I was at war with myself. I could love him forever,knowing that forever would end soon, or I could forget him. I couldn't make myself do that either, but what was I to do...

The Werewolf's Witch -Teen Wolf-

10 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Adventure
*Isaac Lahey* Willow Amelia Bennett. When you hear this name a few things come to mind; twin sister of Bonnie Bennett, best friend of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore bro...


165 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Girls who run with wolves aren't here for boys to love."
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My love ~Derek Hale LS~

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Danelle Jones gets bullied in so many ways, she's at the break of giving up until Derek comes to her safety, they fall in love, unexpectedly and are stronger than eve...

Inevitable. |Derek Hale|

28 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
Emilia is sent to Beacon Hills High School to take on a mission by her Alpha, Blake. On her journey, she will recognize the wicked and the virtuous people among her speci...

Just you and me in the moonlight [Isaa...

45 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Serena Hale, the youger sister of Derek Hale, just got to Beacon Hills. After a quite hard time spent after the fire, Serena wanted just to spend time with her only famil...

Grumpy Cat (Stiles Love Story)

169 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Think Teen Wolf in College. This story is a bit different from the show. Stiles meets Derin Hale at the college frat party. As soon as he stared into those green eyes, ...

They Don't Need to Understand

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Isaac Lahey Love Story

A Short Isaac Love Story

10 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
This short story is for my "Who's your Teen Wolf guy" quiz. Someone requested a short story based on the results.

Forbidden (Issac Lahey Love Story)

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So the thing is that I am Deucalion's daughter. Yep I said it. I have a friends with benefits relationship with Aiden. I am no werewolf at all but it seems that i ten...

Worse Than Dangerous |Derek Hale|

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Maybe it was his brooding shoulders, or his angry expression. Maybe it was the way he walked like he could kick anybody's ass, or the way he was silent, and dark. May...

Wild Love. -Isaac Lahey-

57 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Beacon Hills isn't your average town. Isaac Lahey and Miya McCall aren't your average teenagers. Can they overcome the supernatural things being thrown in their w...

Werewolf disasters

39 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
What if you can't choose on which site you want to fight? And what happens if you choose the wrong one?

Chaos (Isaac Lahey)

175 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Rhea Hale is the female incarnation of her brother, Derek. Sassy, logical, and a natural predator. When she finally shows up in Beacon Hills, following the renewed absenc...

What's A Soulmate? (Teen Wolf - Is...

12 pages · Romance · Action
I stopped my the door to what had to be Allison's room. It was slightly open, just enough for me to see what was, or who was, inside. The male figure was facing the w...
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