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She's The One by Cece Baker

27 pages · Fan Fiction
"Jackson! Jackson please don't do this." I sobbed, the tears streamed down my flushed cheeks like a river stream. "You mean nothing to me." His words cut my deeply, so deep my soul shook in pain and anguish. "Layla, we're over." He spat in my face then turn...

The Lover Game || Teen Wolf by CrazyBadass164

58 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A girl who lives in Beacon Hills. What could go wrong? Everything. Layla Tanner, friends with Erica Reyes and Isaac Lahey. An outcast, not seen or heard by anyone. With the mysteries of Beacon Hills, will they connect to her? If so, what is she? Will any guys take notice in her?

The Alpha - Derek Hale Love Story. by merecedes

238 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
My parents lay there motionless. What im trying to say; they were dead. There throats ripped open, cut so deep you could see part of their spines. Blood was everywhere. Splattered on the roof, walls and stained the taupe carpet heavily. All over my hands. Tears streamed down my faces. My screams fil...

Loosing Game *Isaac Lahey Love Story*

92 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Hi gorgeous," His hot breath connected with my skin, "Isaac stop," I plead as he pushes me up against a wall, "Don't worry Hun, it's just me." he whispers.

Mates *Isaac Lahey Love Story* by Allison Argent

39 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Maddison Argent, moves in with her cousin, Allison and her Uncle Chris. She always wanted to move in with them, and now she got the chance. Right when both her parents were killed at work. Hunting. She hunts like Allison, but her family no longer does. What happens when Maddison meets Isaac Lahey? T...

The Shy Girl -Derek-

39 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Samantha Rigs is your average seventeen year old girl, she's a student at Beacon Hills High school. Samantha is about the shiest girl you'll ever meet, her only friend is Isaac Lahey. When Isaac disappears for a week and them magically comes back, what will she think? What will she think of the alph...

Only In My Dreams (Derek Hale Love Story) by ѕpeℓℓвoυnd

40 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Wolves take care of their own.

Forbidden (Issac Lahey Love Story) by sage

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So the thing is that I am Deucalion's daughter. Yep I said it. I have a friends with benefits relationship with Aiden. I am no werewolf at all but it seems that i tend to scare people away like Allison, Scott, and Stiles. But Isaac can not seem to stay away from me even though I told him stay aw...

Cutter's Don't Cry *Finished* by Kayla Marie

67 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
"When you quit fearing pain, when you learn to love the pain you will loose fear of everything." I could see the tears in her eyes as I spoke, she reached out and wrapped her arms around my torso. "It's okay to cry." I tried comforting her. She looked up at me. "Cutter's don't cry."

They Brought Me Out Of My Shell by M5lover

81 pages
Isaac's father beats him, so Derek offers him something that will change his life. What happens when the werewolf boy finds his soul mate? The story of Isaac Lahey and how he found love.

Isaac Lahey Love Story

153 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Isaac's point of view. "How do you stop it?" I asked, I wanted to at least know a way to stop or control the change. "It's different for everyone." "What's yours?" "Anger it's self." "How come Scott's is different? I know I was asking a ...

You Anchor Me *(Being Edited)*

109 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
Scott McCall's little sister, Cameron has fell for the insecure werewolf, Isaac Lahey. While Cameron is having her struggles with her love life, she also has to deal with the fact she is a rare type of werewolf and all the perks and downsides of being a visionary. How will she deal with all thi...

The Silent Beauty ~x Issac Lahey x~ by Livvie

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The Rosansky family was a family with a huge dark secret that only a few knew of. They were a family of shape shifters, werewolves, Lycans whatever it is that we call them. And they are a family in the Supernatural. Nikolai Rosansky is a Alpha of huge and dangerous pack but was respected and feared ...

World In Flames ||Derek Hale|| by Abigail Hale

171 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Gwen Alexandria Mason wasn't your average teenager. Her cousin was a Werewolf and she's a Witch. But everything falls down hill when her parents die in a unexplainable car crash on the coast of Ireland. Now Gwen has to start a new life and move in with her aunt Melissa and her cousin Scott. ...

Bravado. by lacey santos

165 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Girls who run with wolves aren't here for boys to love."

Anchors -Derek Hale love story- by Take a Smile

30 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Isaac and Emma were more than brother and sister, they were best friends but at the age of 10 they started to be abused by their father at age 12 Emma had run away when more terrible things happen to her at age 17 she returns with two children and finds her brother that she haven't seen in over ...

Howl at the Moon||Isaac Lahey[ON HOLD] by Wolfwritingrandom

173 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Wolves mate for life, that's a very well known fact by everyone. Being a werewolf makes you no different. Antoinette, little human sister of Derek Hale, is now back in town…despite his reluctant over protectiveness. Antoinette is back just in time for the alpha pack to show up though…people ...

The Werewolf's Witch -Teen Wolf- by That Girl Caroline

10 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
*Isaac Lahey* Willow Amelia Bennett. When you hear this name a few things come to mind; twin sister of Bonnie Bennett, best friend of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers, and the girl that every guy wants and every girl wants to be. After the tragic death of her older sister Bonnie, Willow dec...

Just you and me in the moonlight [Isaac Lahey love story] by drєαmч

46 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Serena Hale, the youger sister of Derek Hale, just got to Beacon Hills. After a quite hard time spent after the fire, Serena wanted just to spend time with her only family, her brother Derek and her uncle Peter. But it can't be that simple for a teen werewolf girl. She decides to become friend w...

Drowning of Lies [ISAAC LAHEY] by Paytonnalleyy

109 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I can't lose you." I murmured against his chest. I wormed my hands around his neck pulling him closer to me. "You won't. I promise I will do everything." Isaac replied against my hair. I could feel the warm tears run down my face and made a puddle on Isaac's chest. His warm body held me ...
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