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Sparks Fly ~Jack Frost X Reader X Hiccup~

194 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Moving to Sweden. Who’d have thought that would ever happen? You left your friends, your home and your life... All for your dad’s new job. Only one thing remains…. Jack Frost. The boy you had met when you were five and had grown to love like a brother. But lately things haven’t been the same...

Snowflakes by Anna Roberts

64 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, meets you in the most unexpected way. He has feelings for you that he can't explain, but he does know that he'd go to the end of the earth for you. And so would you. When evil strikes, both of you are put to the test. Is Jack's love for you real? Or is it...

The Frosty Halloween (Jack Frost x Reader Story)

83 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Your name is Raven Nightingale, and you’re the Spirit of Halloween. A year has passed since the battle between the Guardians and Pitch, but what if he was rising again? And the Guardians needed your help? With only Halloween being a week away, can you get ready for the scary event and protect the ...

You are my world (Jack X Reader Love Story) ~Finished~

53 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You had the most awful childhood ever. You thought you will never be happy in your life time. Until you meet Jack Frost who is that ray of sunshine in your dark world. The only thing is that you don't know that you are his chosen one. ⓒ Copyright of Melanie Miller

Rise of a New Guardian (Jack x reader) by NatureGirl216

43 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
At the age of 16 you saved your little sister choosing her life over your own. How it happened? You have to read. Along the way you meet frostbite the guardians and a lot of crazy stuff goes down.

Not Real (Jack Frost and Reader Story)

10 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
"Yes he is!" Your sister shouts as you close the window. "You need to grow up Lola!" You say. Suddenly, the window swings open. A cold breeze filled the room. "Jack!" Lola says with a smile. You see nothing.

Still into you (Jack Frost x reader) by Scarlett Starry Midnight

24 pages · Fantasy · Romance
You met Jack years ago in a dark, cold winter night. He sheltered you and kept you safe from harm since that day. But then all of a sudden you two came across the Castle of Arendelle. What is Jack fell for Elsa? And what if you love him too?

Rules Were Made to be Broken~Jack Frost x Reader~

22 pages
Jack Frost was alone in this world for nearly 300 years, that is until he met you. Now you're 16 and Jack is finally realizing that he might have feelings for you, a small problem is that Mortals and Guardians = a big No, well it's a good thing that Rules were meant to be broken.

I'll Try (Jack Frost)

52 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The thing is, even if you don't believe, you'll still see them, kind of like seeing ghosts. You don't have a choice. You're special, and whether you want to believe it or not, the Guardians are real. Maybe a certain guardian will change your mind? ;) *READERxJACKFROST*

Frostbiten ( Reader x Jack Frost ) ~on hold by Captain Unity

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jack hung his feet over the building’s edge and looked down into the street. He stopped for a minute and stared. You were walking down the street, delivering a box to some person’s house. “Who is that?” Jack said out loud to himself. She’s gorgeous, Jack thought as he jumped into flight. ...

Lost Love (Jack Frost x Reader Love Story)

25 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
(Jack Frost X Reader) Jack died. But he left behind more than his family. He left behind the girl he loved. What will happen to her?

A Winter Night (Jack Frost x Reader love story)

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A little girl was his first believer, however one day he. Left and didnt return for years. He showed up again and found her. As they hang out more Jack and her have grown feelings for each other. And Jack has discovered something about her, that could change his and her life forever. That girl is yo...

Rise Of The Guardians One Shots by Jack Frost

16 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Here are just some ROTG Characters X Reader one shots! These are just for fun so I hope you like them! Comment down below some other ROTG characters that you think I should do a One Shot of! :)

I Never Stopped Believing

73 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
*Jack Frost x Reader* You were practically alone, besides your Mother, but she's all you had. No one else liked you. NO ONE. That is, until you meet him one day, but he left just like everyone else. He promised he would come back, but it seemed like he wasn't going to. Why did it kill you that ...

He Could Pretend (Jack Frost x Reader) by ibelievex3

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The moon never answered. So the broken little boy held his broken little girl close, whispering into her ear that it would be okay. He could pretend.

This is where you belong by Miƨƨ Ƨεŋƨuɑliʈy

28 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Jack Frost x Reader "This is where you belong." Thy Jack Frost cheered enthusiastically. You shook your head with your mouth a gap. "B-But I don't... Belong here." You lowered your gaze. You felt his cold finger tips made contact with your skin on your face. Adverting your eyes ...

Raised By Hope (Jack Frost Love Story)

45 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
(JACK FROST X READER) Your mother is going off to fight a war with other immortals and doesn't know if she is to return in proper condition. So she brings you to her old friend. E. Aster Bunnymund. He is your Guardian, he is to raise you... but there's one thing... or person.. that he's trying to k...

Love You Always Jack Frost x Reader by Yαηg Xιασ Lσηg

86 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
Your life was quite normal untill you meet the amazing Jack Frost, everything changed at that moment, you weren't only in love, you were in danger. Pitch had returned and finally he knew a weak point to eleminate Jack Frost forever.

The Beast Within [Dark!Jack Frost x Reader] by Roxie of the Dragon Riding Hipsters

3 pages · Horror · Romance
"Bravery won't work against me, angelface." He said as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it close enough so that our faces were 5 inches apart. "I know you're scared inside." I own nothing (not even the pictures!).

Halloween Queen (insert reader) by FanFiction Freak

21 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Imagen waking up to a new world and you have no idea why your here. Well you need to ask the moon for that question... if the moon doesn't answer well what do you do? This is a female insert sorry boys. I don't own rise of the guardians or the pictures. I own the plot.
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