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Let it Go

48 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"You stopped believing in me," Jack said softly. Elsa grimaced. "I didn't mean to. It was just... so hard." "I understand," he said quietly....

Give or take a few

46 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
Y/n- was somehow mistaken to be a guardian when you, yourself, is not immortal. You are just sixteen, a careless young teenager.How were you suppose to handle a big respo...

Snow and Ice ~Jack Frost Love Story~

106 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Who are you?" The girl asked. "I... I'm Jack Frost. I'm here to save you." Jack was there just to meet her and her sister. He never intended ...

Reign of Fear

41 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
*Jelsa story* "You know, Jack Frost," Pitch sneered, "I met someone very much like you long ago, in a much different place." "Is that so?" asked ...

JackXElsa] So he exists!

66 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Elsa was missing someone to be with until Anna persuaded her to believe in the "Non existent" Jack frost. He may look young; but he's a long gone dead man ove...

Sincerely, Frosty

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
*Jelsa AU* I've never been a fan of love. I hate those mushy conversations and a couple's little stolen kisses. Well, until I found a letter stuck between my lock...

Romance Isn't In My Agenda (Jelsa ...

24 pages · Mystery · Romance
Special Agent Elsa, aka Snow Queen, is the most hardcore, talented spy/agent in the undercover Demonic Activity Prevention Agency, aka DAPA, a group of the dead that are ...

Man in the Moon's Daughter (Jelsa)

25 pages · Fan Fiction
Ever since the guardians found out about the man in the moon's daughter, Elsa, they have been watching over her to keep her safe. But one day Elsa accidentally almost...

When the snowflakes fall (A Jelsa fan ...

34 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
In the movie Frozen, you would describe Elsa as a timid and misunderstood person. But ever since she got control of her powers, she became more of a fun loving and care f...

Disneyworks: Freshmen

40 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Disneyworks is a private high school to end the rivalry of Disney and DreamWorks. Jackson Overland Frost, or known as Jack Frost laid his eyes on the Snow Queen Elsa the ...

Just like me

222 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When Elsa and Jack meet each other, things spin out of control. They experience near death situations and certain things keep pulling them apart. Will Jack and Elsa be ab...

Frost Bitten Hearts ~Jelsa Fanfic ~

35 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
And here's another Jelsa fanfic to add upon the hundreds. They met, way back, before Jack was even a guardian. Perhaps their lives were more entwined then anyone t...
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Flying Ice

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This set a few months after Frozen Eternity. It has Berk, it has dragons, and it has Jelsa! Intrigued? Read on! ~Sequel to Frozen Eternity~

A Ice Heart Full of Love (Jelsa)

3 pages
Elsa and Jack Frost, Fan Fic " Jack I love," I said

Frozen Eternity

90 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Adventure
So yeah this is Jelsa. I felt like righting it for various reasons the main one is for my friend. This is set 4 years after ROTG and 11 months after Frozen. Elsa is the s...


66 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jelsa! We ship JackxElsa, AnnaxKristoff, and RapunzelxEugene. We accept most jelsa/Frozen headcannons. This is a Jelsa fanfic that goes further than just the couple. So ...

Walking on Cracked Ice (Jack/Elsa)

86 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
"I have a question for you," Jacks says. "No one except the other guardians is able to see me, that is, except for you. You must have believed in me before we...

I'll Always Be Your Guardian.

9 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
"Goodbye Jack." Elsa said with a sad smile. I shook my head. "Never say goodbye. Because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting. I'll ...


54 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
When Pitch Black recruits Hans to help overthrow Arendelle in exchange for the children's fear, Jack Frost and the Guardians do what they can to protect it, but littl...

The Snow Will Bury Your Heart

3 pages ~ Completed · Action · Thriller
Jelsa story, return to Arendelle with Elsa to find Anna, blah blah blah

Frozen in Time (Jelsa)

33 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Long ago, before Jack's accident and Elsa fleeing into the northern mountains, the two of them were the best of friends. Years have passed, and Jack knows it's no...

The Frost Will Light your Path

18 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Jelsa, Rise of the Guardians, Frozen, crossover, to be continued if i feel like it, blah blah


7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Jack Overland Frost x Elsa of Arendelle

Almost Paradise [Jack and Elsa love St...

29 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What if there is someone out there? Someone waiting for you. Your soul mate. Someone the Man on the Moon set you up with. Jack never thought there will be someone there f...
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