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Your WWE Love Story (Long results)

6 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
What is your WWE love story with John Cena, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy or Triple H.

нαтє ιѕ тнє ƒιяѕт ѕιgη σƒ ℓσνє *Dean A...

131 pages · WWE · Romance · Fan Fiction
Just a another Dean Ambrose Love Story. Emily Chanel Cena or simply Chanel Cena is John Cena's little sister. She is also in a tag team with her brother. She is ene...

Saved by the shield

313 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction · WWE
Orphan Tori has managed to get caught up in Kane's plot to run the WWE, however she begins to gain feelings for other superstars, will she break free of Kane's ch...

I'm not yours (Dean Ambrose love s...

16 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · WWE
Rosa is a live action commentator. She's also been with the WWE for about three mouths. In these three mouths she has received huge amounts of love form the wwe unive...

WWE One Shots :)

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
WWE One Shots! Hope you enjoy :) ♥

WWE Oneshots/Imagines/Preferences

26 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · WWE
Between a mixture of One Shots, Imagines and Preferences with the WWE wrestlers (Reader insert x Wrestler)

AJ's Twin sister

20 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
When Penelope Lee joins the WWE. Shes's crazy like her sister and instantly joins AJ and Big E but accidently she catches someone's eyes who she never expected to catch. ...

A Not So Punk | Cm Punk

23 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Jade gets started in the main Roster of the WWE and makes even more of a name for herself through her work. She gets accepted into the cast of a hit t.v show called Total...

I'M Fine

79 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
~JOHN CENA LOVE STORY.~ "I hate you David!" I spat, furious. Right then and there the mistake was obvious. I shouldn't have gone that far. I should have just kept my ...

Boomerang ~CM Punk love story~

90 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Sequel to "You only know you love her when you let her go" Check it out if you want to know more, you will not regret it ;) ... hopefully :D.

Cult of Personality

73 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Okay, recently i have become obsessed with cm punk ♥ i just ahdihaiovd had to do this.
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Birthday Wish ~H20 delirious love story~

20 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Nicole is a major H20 delirious fan. She is basically obsessed. He and her cousin Rena sat on the couch. Talked about who they want to show up at the front door on the bi...

Not So New (Prequel To The New One) (B...

57 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE
Cole has been out of WWE for two years. After he found out Randy was cheating on him. Cole was beyond broken. Cole has not spoken to anyone in WWE. Not John, Nikki, Brie,...

Can You Feel My Heart?

2 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
I looked up at you. ' And what might you be staring at Ms. Pierce? ' a small smile formed on my face ' Well, Mr. Cena. I'm staring at the man who stole my...

The Vigilante

39 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · WWE
I walked into the WWE with one aim, to bring justice back into the WWE. I'm not here to make people fall in love me or to make people like me. I have only have one pu...

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

18 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · WWE
"Not only is my name Kobra but my dad happens to be a Viper." I said into the Microphone. The crowd went wild as Randy's Music hit and I saw him with a Microphone in his ...

Everything About You . - Melina Perez ...

92 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · WWE
They hate each other. Melina can't stand seeing, hearing, or being near John. Same with John. It's like Spain vs England in war against them both. The Divas try t...

Best In The World

10 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Jessica Rose Cena has been hidden from the world. She is now 22 and her brother, John Cena, is a WWE Superstar. He has kept her hidden in fear of her getting hurt by any ...

Behind the Madman Vol.1: First Impress...

137 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · WWE
This work of fiction is not associated with neither World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. nor Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Inc. and is written as a form of entertainment, ...


3 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke Brie thought it was her time to crush the woman who had made her a...

A Different kind of Love

63 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
He was a mega-superstar. She was a lonely girl that only wants someone to love and cheerish her. He wanted time away from the music and popularity and finish high school ...

South African Sensation

34 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
When Ariel Amelia Shepard comes into the WWE there is a dark group dominating the WWE. Nexus. She's cautious and curious but along the way she manages to get herself entw...

Cena's Daughter

4 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE
Adeline Cena is John Cena's delinquent daughter. When she's caught fighting in an underground wrestling ring, her mother sends her off to dear old dad. Joy.
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