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The Way You Make Me Feel

476 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller · Justin Bieber
Ariana and Justin have been in each others lives for forever nearly. And she has loved him for the same amount of time almost. What happens when she is enlisted on Justin...

His Everything (Jason McCann)

61 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
It was love at first sight. She was the new girl and he was the bad boy. Every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. He was dark, mysterious, fearless and feare...

Im Right Here

158 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"I know you lost a lot of people in your life, your mum..your dad but Lillie i promise you baby Im Right Here and Im never leaving you" Two house mates, both clueless of ...

On the hush

62 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"Justin, i-i can't do this. We can't do this." Ariana stuttered as he pressed her against the wall even harder. His hand firmly on her petite waist. She f...

Her Tweet

64 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Ariana Grande was just another belieber. She had a dream of becoming famous when she was a little girl but never thought that it would come true. So she gave up. But what...


62 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"I can't blame myself for what I feel for you." I hear his whisper in my ear, his warm breath cascading on my skin as I shiver. "Tell me, Jason. What do y...

Just Like Daddy

51 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
I have hazel brown eyes just like daddy, I have a strong heartbeat just like daddy, I have a love for spaghetti just like daddy,I'm different just like daddy, I can r...


56 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Not many people get to experience love at a young age,but I was lucky enough to fall completely in love with my teacher.

Baby Just Say Yes (Mixed Up Chapters)

55 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
Auva Belvadere is a model. Her father is no other than Brian Belvadere, the man who works for the biggest stars; to make them even more successful. But when he has to wor...

Alexandria. |Jariana|

~This Story Was Inspired By A Close Friend~ Alexandria Bieber is the daughter of Ariana Grande. She is 4 years old, has big brown eyes, and dimples; just like her mother...

The Lion and the Lamb |Justin Bieber|

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
He's obsessed with me. He won't let me hang out with other people, he's way too over-protective, and he beats me. I make the mistake of forgiving him each time. He's like...

Adopted by the Biebs (A Justin Bieber ...

63 pages · Justin Bieber · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Hi, my names Analia Evans, but I go by Ana. I am sixteen years old and I love in an orphanage. My parents were in a plane crash and died when I was 11. It sucked, because...
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The Angel

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Little Boy: Are you an Angel? Angel: What? Little Boy: My mum told me that those who have marked wrists are angels. Angel: I'm not an angel. Little Boy: O...


54 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Ariana Grande was only a 18 year old girl when she met Jason McDonald. He was that hot, older bad boy her parents always told her to stay away from. She was defiant thoug...

My Everything *Sequel to NLG*

16 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
"You're all I need, all I want. I love you. You're my everything."

Young Love

83 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
When Miley finds out that her fiance is cheating on her, she finds comfort and solace with her friends, and in one friend in particular, Justin. They're friendship soon b...

Best Mistake

10 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
"My best mistake was falling in love with you" Justin tells me. I want to believe him but I can't. He isn't supposed to love me, he is supposed to hate m...

The last kiss.

"You were my whole life, but I am just one chapter in yours, I want you to live Ariana, I want you to love everyday, I want you to smile. Just please don't forget...

Love Is A Drug

Sequel to the quiz series "Your Life With Celebrities"

Never Let Go (A Niall Horan Love Story)

110 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · Romance · One Direction
"You promised you would never leave me, you promised you wouldnt break my heart, you promised me you would always be here for me through everything. But I guess promi...

You & I (Jason McCann)

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"Why are you even near me?" "I believe there's more to you than just the bad boy" Sam Walker was a very quiet person. She just wanted to get thro...

Time (Jason McCann love story)

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Isabella is a sweet girl, who is happy with her life having the 'best boyfriend' being in love with him. But someone else loves Isabella, Jason McCann, aka 'A...

One Life -on hold-

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
“This isn’t right, and we both know it, then why is it that we can’t stop? Why can’t we just leave each other, when we both know it’s wrong? I’ll say it, I a...

She Changed.

Justin & Ariana Were Best Friends Before They Could Speak. One Day , Justin Got Signed & Left His Past Behind. Even His Best Friend. What Happens When Ariana Gets...
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