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86 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"NO" I could not keep my voice in any longer..."take me instead" I held my hands out for him to take. "you are one brave girl Skyler." he grabbed my hand and dragged me i...

Kidnapped and hurt

16 pages ~ Completed
As I lied on the floor motionless, I hear the door creep open slowly then footsteps getting louder. "BAM!" a loud clash as I feel blood start to trickle down my...


4 pages · Horror · Realistic · Romance
Maya's parents are always abusing her. One day her parents push her limits and she leaves. She then meets a boy that she actually likes and then suddenly she gets... Want...

Losing Hope

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Thriller
Justin Bieber is known as the cute and innocent popstar. What if off the cameras he was a sadistic kiddnaper who kidnapped girls ages 13-15? Read about one girls fight fo...

My Loving Kidnapper

8 pages · Romance · Thriller
"I'm a monster." He said with sad eyes. "Sage how can someone as sweet as you be a monster?" I said getting up and pulling his shirtless body into a h...

I am number 14

6 pages · Fantasy
My name is Ania and I was kidnapped by a 43 year old man who took me away from my family , my friends, and everything I know and loved all that went though my head wa...

That girl

20 pages · Realistic · Romance
Once everything goes right it goes for the worse That girl has been bullied. that girl walks home. that girl is only 13. that girl walks to school . that girl is very ma...

In the dark

4 pages · Romance · Adventure
Alexis had nothing to begin with, her family hated her and told her that all the time. maybe that's why she was so okay with living with her kidnappers. what happens ...

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