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Afire love by Idizzhh

Niall and Alyssa had been together for 3 years, when he decided to break up with her. He left her broken hearted and all alone. Alyssa even told him she was pregnant, but Niall didn't believe her. He thought it was some wicked way of getting him back, so he just shrugged it of. 5 years later the...

I See You (Larry Stylinson AU) by A.J

108 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Going into a new school Harry is determined to hide the fact that he was born blind as long as he can in fear of being judged. When he meets Louis, the school's football star, he's skeptical to tell him his secret, regardless of Harry's growing feelings for him.

Forgotten (Larry Stylinson / Niam AU) by A.J

102 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Harry and Louis have been together for nine months, having only met each other a year ago. In this short time they’ve fallen deeply in love and have grown inseparable. One tragic night changes all of that though. In a horrible car accident Louis loses not only his memory of Harry, but the memory o...

Angels in Hell (Larry Stylinson)

321 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Imagine waking up in a completely different world. You're in a house you've never been in before. You look out the window and don't recognize a thing. Wandering the house, you find a room with a small child who looks oddly familiar. Imagine finding out that child is your adoptive son th...

Don't [Larry AU] by ɴᴏᴘᴇ

41 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
"He's dangerous" they told him. "He's a player" they told him. "I'm not good for you" he tells him. But when you get addicted to something there's no going back.

You And I [Larry AU]

64 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
"Are you really ending everything ? Everything that we have ?" He asked and I nod slowly before walking away.

Unlikely Love -Finished-

29 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Harry is the school's shy, nerdy, gay kid where everybody takes the advantage to bully the helpless boy. Who is one of those people? Louis Tomlinson. He's the tough, punk, mysterious kid who has quite some issues from his past that triggers him to lash out. What will happen when they find out they'r...

Student Body by нell нaѕ нealιng нandѕ

50 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Louis Tomlinson is delusional about how successful he'll be in the future, seeing as he doesn't work at school and doesn't try in anything he does people don't believe him. Mr Styles, comes into the school as the new Maths teacher and teaches Louis more than a few simple equations. T...

You are Perfect - Niam Fanfic by Richie

61 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Niam with a hint of Larry, this all happens while on Tour. (BoyxBoy) "Li, I'm ugly and fat, no one would ever love me." he said. "Well my little Ni, that's where your wrong, because you are perfect, and there is someone that does love you, more than you would know." I said smiling.

Can't Deny~Larry Stylinson by OllieP

49 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Harry and Louis are just friends. Harry knows that. Close friends yeah, but that's natural - they work together in a band. But when one day Harry looks into Louis' eyes, he is overwhelmed with a feeling he has never felt for his friend. And suddenly everything is different. Harry has to hi...

Abused Love (Larry Stylinson)

27 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Everyone has a public life, private life and a secret life. My public life is I'm in a band called One Direction. My private life is I'm in a relationship with Harry Styles. Lastly, my secret life is, I'm in an abusive relationship with Harry Styles...

Abandoned (Larry Stylinson)

126 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Behind every cover, is an untold story.

Don't You Dare (Larry Stylinson AU) by Music Is Who I Am

22 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Harry Styles was the new kid in town. His body, covered with tattoos and rough from hard work, was quite tall. Starting his Senior year at a new school with a new foster family was not part of the plan. Louis Tomlinsn is the nicest person you could possibly meet, so why does everyone bully him? The ...

The Perfect Fathers (SEQUEL To The Perfect Parents)

118 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction
It's been two years since little Juliet was born and the boys were back on tour again. Things have gotten harder but they try their best to cope. There'll be weddings, fights and maybe a break up. Will they live happily ever after?

I Loved You First (Larry Stylinson One Shot) by ÐåyñïghtÐårkLïght

18 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Harry didn't always feel this way towards his best friend and band mate, Louis Tomlinson. No, he didn't even think that he liked boys. He always had had girlfriends. But when he met Louis in the bathroom, he was instantly drawn to him. It was strange. Louis and him had a relationship that no...

Royal Rebal by Rizza Rodriguez

13 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Alexandria was never a "normal" child. She had multi colored hair to match her country's flag (Red, Blue and White along with her natural Dark Brown), She has two dads biologically ,One she calls mother since he gave birth to her and she's the princess of England. When you think of p...

Conflicted *Larry Stylinson* by ACreativeUserName

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Action · One Direction
Louis Tomlinson: a victim of an abusive relationship. A singer, A mood lightener. Harry Styles: The boy determind to prove to Louis that love isnt all pain. A singer. How can these two make a relationship happen when their families are far from happy, management doesnt want them to come out, a...

My Kid and I by desmond

30 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Punk Harry Styles AU~ Harry Styles, single father desperate for cash and a place to stay. He's lost all feeling of love for anyone, including himself. The only love he held for anyone was for his daughter, Melinda. Harry struggles to pay rent and care for his baby on his own. On Melinda'...

Don't Let Me Fall (A Larry Stylinson Love Story) by Tbh Larry

14 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Louis William Tomlinson... Most people see him as a happy, funny, joyful adult in the band, One Direction. But there's a part to him that no one sees. Louis' broken on the inside.... He gets the most hate out of all five of the boys and he always takes it the worst. He believes every word ev...

When We Met (Larry Stylinson / Niam AU) by A.J

145 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Harry thought it was just a normal Friday night waiting on the most successful law firm in the UK, but when newcomer to the firm, Louis Tomlinson, joins them one evening Harry finds himself falling for the successful lawyer far more than he should.
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