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Vocaloid Guys x Reader

77 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Choose a chapter then watch as the story plays out! You can choose whatever you see, and if your favorite Vocaloid boy isn't available, just request him! I'll be adding m...

Not all Bad. (ReaderxLen Kagamine)

48 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
[This is for the lovely ! ♥] Len Kagamine. Despite his height, he had quite the attitude. Girls loved him, guys feared him. He was bad to...

Shota Struck (Len Kagamine x Reader)

70 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
(LEN KAGAMINE x READER) Welcome to your brand new life and brand new career in Japan as a PRODUCER for the world known music, recording and talent studio known as VOCA...

Reader x VocaBoys!

8 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Pick a boy and fall in a romantic fantasy! ♥

You're Joking! Reader x Various AO...

32 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Everyone has a crush on you. The problem? You don't know. But Ymir does, and she's trying to help the boys win you over.

Vocaloid x Reader

41 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
This all started with an idea and some wacko classmates of mine. These stories are probably my best and are listed in order they were made. The lower down the list they a...

My School Crush [ Len x Reader ]

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Len Kagamine. The boy who was everyones crush. Even yours! What will happen if you two get too close..?

Harry Potter - Drabbles/Oneshots

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
These are reader inserts only - (H/C) - Hair colour (H/L) - Hair length (E/C) - Eye Colour (S/C) - Skin Colour This will sometimes be told in your P.O.V and some...

Attack on Titan characters x Reader

16 pages
Your Name= (Y/N) Last Name= (L/N) Nick Name= (N/N) Favorite Color= (F/C) Eye Color= (E/C) if you have glasses you have the straps like Hanji when battling Hair Col...

Various Hetalia Reader Inserts (One Sh...

" you, ____." Spend your time reading about various Hetalia characters falling in love with a very important! All of these are one-shots, unless spe...

What you deserve (Len Kagamine x Reade...

31 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
You know Len Kagamine, he is a Vocaloid and he is very famous. For some strange reason he always protects you, and he cares about you. You feel like this isn't what ...

Pieces of a Puzzle (Kagamine Len x Rea...

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is the sequel to my other story Special Delivery! Your new life as a Vocaloid begins today. You don't remember anything from the past, but somehow the blonde Voc...
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What is...Love?

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So this is my first story here on QuoteV....please no hate( the cover title is mine, I drew it, please do not steal) Len Kagamine x Reader ______________________ Len Ka...

Kaito x Pregnant!Reader

4 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Cute little fanfic about Kaito who is married to the Reader and has a kid named Kyouya (plus a new kid to come...)

I'm not Jealous! Right? (Len x rea...

9 pages · Romance · Humor
Len and you were bestfriends! Sure you have a little crush on him but that's it right? Nothing more. That's what you thought until Neru came in the picture..

Len Kagamine X Reader *PREVIEW!*

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
THIS IS A PREVIEW ON SOMETHING I MAY WORK ON IF PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED! So... it will not be updated for a looooong while. XD I hope I get so positive feed back... >///...

Anime One Shots

A book of one shots. I will take requests, or just do character x reader or character x character, etc. I have a Wattpad account with the same name, some of these one sho...

Romeo and cinderella (reader)xLen

27 pages · Adventure · Romance
Len is a handsome prince, your just a commoner, but can true love still bloom? Even if it's forbiden?

Why? (Len Kagamine x reader)

4 pages · Short Stories
You did all of this. You deserved it. But why couldn't you stop crying? (Len Kagamine x reader) (one-shot)

Len x Reader Series

11 pages
Len wants to get to know you-but what happens when you refuse to give him a chance? What will he do to get you out of your shell and to bring down your protective walls? ...

Knightwalker (Soul eater boys x reader)

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
You may know this name from fairytail. Your last name is Knightwalker and your a meister and,technically, a weapon (Im going to put your last name, hair length, hair colo...

Voice of Sorrow, Voice of Purity

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
ChinaxReader: After his horrible secret is discovered by the other nations, Yao Wang suddenly finds himself all alone and hated by many. The World Council and Mother Gaea...

Len Kagamine x reader

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Len Kagamine x reader school edition! Why? Because that's the only thing I can think of! Hope you enjoy!

My Split Personalities Helper (Kagamin...

27 pages · Anime/Manga · Horror · Fan Fiction
This is the story of you (A sweet girl with a dark past, and murderous other half) and your helper in crime: Len, you don't know if you can really trust this boy, but...
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