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Wings. [Liam Payne/Supernatural]

17 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
*slight bromance (Lilo) if you squint* Liam panted heavily, lying on the cold concrete as a dark luminous shadow loomed over his broken body. Suddenly, there was a flash ...

More Then Friends

19 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
{BoyxBoy} bromance see who stays with each other and who breaks up to go out with someone else in the band. Starts with them Auditioning on The X Factor in 2010.

Mr. Not-So-Fancy

24 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Niall's hometown is stereotypical. Beautiful, snobby, clean, fancy, proper, polite (most of the time), just...perfect. Niall struggles living in such a place, he's almost...

Worlds Collide [Lilo (Slight Ziall) AU]

Liam was a male stripper trying to support his family. Louis was a wealthy author looking for a little fun. Both men are alone and looking for someone to love them. This ...

Beyond repair Lilo Paylinson AU

25 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Liam's sister Ruth just died a month ago out of cancer,resulting to Liam to cut all that time, and as if that wasn't enough Liam can't hide anymore the fact that he is ga...

Narry/Lilo One-Shots

Send in some prompts and I'll write 'em! This'll be fun ;)

Daddies boys Mommys reason to live(lia...

5 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Liam went to x factor when he was 16 he made it to finals. Week one his girlfriend Lily Anne Venchelli gave birth to twin boys Trevor Matthew Payne and Anthony Michael Pa...

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