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27 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
He writes notes to the girl he's known forever, she doesn't know that he exists. He loves her, she's afraid of him. He lives forever, one day she will die...

Fall For You

6 pages · Romance · Realistic
She was so perfect. Long blonde hair, dip-dyed bright red at the bottom, pale skin, beautiful green eyes you could get lost in, and never find your way out, she even like...

A Collection of Tales Based Upon Heart...

7 pages · Romance · Short Stories
1. Kane & Alexandria- A Complicated Love (Done) 2. Jake & Zara- A Perfect Love (Done) 3. Nathen & Stephannie - A Dangerous Love 4. Tyxs & Tayleanna - A Ho...

Emo Stories

1 page · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Well the title says it all. Duh For girls, gays, and bis.

Melody Lyrics

6 pages · Romance · Mystery
Melody lyrics is a girl who gets called emo, gothic, scene, outcast etc. She's only been in love once and she's scared to fall again because of heart break. But t...

Locked Up And In Love

39 pages · Realistic · Action · Romance
Annabel and Jezebel were only trying to get home from work when they walked right in the middle of a gang war. Jezebel went out and Annabel fought along with her gang. Je...

A frozen heart and his scorned rose.

101 pages · Vampires · Adventure · Fantasy
Vampires have taken over. (Bet you've heard that one) Erik is a vampire born from a feared family in the early 1800's. When he attempts to go out for a bite, he ends up w...

Help Me. Save Me. Love Me.

8 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
This is a sad story of a girl named Venessa. When she was 8 years old, her mom died of alcohol. Her mom became to drunk,passed out, and hit her head while falling. Veness...

Paws And Kisses

All of a sudden i heard Oliver laugh, i looked at him but moved my bangs this time. He looked away then at me and smiled. "Do you trust me?"Without even thinking ...

Love or Lies

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Haylie is a 16 year old girl who has a crush on her bully. What will she do when he starts to pretend to be in love with her over a dare. Will she believe it or not?


5 pages · Romance
Cara is a small, anorexic 17 year old girl who feels that nobody will ever give her a chance. Nathan is an 18 year old boy who would give anything for someone to talk to....

The Opposite (A Christopher Drew Story)

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Im like two different people. One half of me is kind and would never hurt a fly. The other half is crazy, demented, and bloodred. -Harmony Rae
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Love In The Asylum!

10 pages · Short Stories · Romance
When 3 girls are raised in an Insane Asylum, they come to find the love they have been neglected of.

I deserv this.

3 pages · Romance · Realistic
Joy is a shy girl, and it have always been that way, but when she moves she meets him,he love her and is her picture of perfet...well if he wasen't abusive...

The Boy Named Angel

2 pages · Romance · Fantasy
It had happened long ago. I was just ten years old. I was lost in the woods. When was smaller, HE taught me how to call him through my words. HE made me a sorceress and H...

Her Sad Song.

8 pages · Realistic
This is for you.

Love with hell and above

5 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Science Fiction
Written as a POV of a girl in 11th grade ending up dead and trying to figure everything out.

Love stories =]

2 pages · Romance · Realistic
For both guys and girls bisexual lesbian gay and straight! xxx i hope you like it comment follow like? ♥

When an Angel fell in Love

34 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
Andrew Lisa Marx. the girl i protect as a gaurdian angel. she just got home from school. look like she had a bad day. i wish i could herlp her...*

Unexpected love ~

5 pages · Romance
Amber is 16 years old, she's also mute. Will a new transfer at her school get her to speak and eventually steal her heart?...

I Can't Let Go

2 pages · Romance · Humor
A teen emos life story.theres a boy,so i expect views!

Behind These Hazel Eyes

10 pages · Romance · Realistic · Short Stories
Callie was an average girl going to an average high school. But what happens when she starts doing things because of rumors?

Struggling Souls! (Love, mystery and m...

9 pages · Romance · Mystery
A story about a girl and her friend who are struggling to get through school and life in general. They go through romance heart break, sadness, depression and pain. They ...

Baby, just say yes''

7 pages · Romance
Some love stories x) I hope you enjoy. These things take time
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