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Forever Wild ... by Sienna RoseWolf

59 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
~Sequel to Two Masters, One Blood Slave~ They say love is when you look past all the flaws of the person you love. Well, you got that right. Although Darren and Sienna are finally in peace together, trying to maintain a happy, young love relationship in Paris, France, it isn't as easy and ...

Illegal ~Zerrie by Rameen

According to the law, article 2763.G of the constitution of Bradford, England, any sort of Romantic relationship between a master and a slave is punishable by death. It was already a crime for me, Perrie Louise Edwards to be alive. Now, my being in love is illegal.

Don't Ever Leave Me

8 pages · Romance · Fantasy
*BxB* Every Wednesday night, Xander goes to his favourite diner a few blocks from his house. Recently, every time he passes a certain alleyway, he hears a shuffle or a quiet meow. One night he deicdes to investigate. Xander finds little Neko Kace. Xander takes Kace home and cares for him, and supris...

Love of a master

17 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
*Sequel to My master, My love* A young slave named Ashton fell in love with his master named Damian. He isnt aloud to love him though. And now there is a new law in place that forbids any type of relationship between a master and slave.

Overdose by Nealidia

1 page · Short Stories · Vampires · Fantasy
It's been 3 years since Angelina has left Gotham City due to the fact she was cheated and played by ''the love of her life''. now she's back in the troubled deadly city for a new a new start, Can that mean a steadily relationship with the billionare master Bruce Wayne? Or wil...