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Did you mean McCoy?
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Grey Edge (FINISHED) by Poppy

73 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction
An X-men fist class story. For most of my time I would curl up in the courner of my tank and eather sleep or watch the world go by. When I was first catpured I would try and escape but nothing ever worked, so I gave up trying and just watched what happened outside. Nothing ever did. But then their w...

Fatal Attractions (Charles Xavier Love Story) by Rosepetals of Sin

44 pages · Science Fiction · Romance
In the year of 1962, Kat is found in Chicago by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. As part of their group of collected mutants to bring down Sebastian Shaw, she must learn and train with the others under the supervision Charles - the first man to treat her like she was worth something.

Is There Anything You Would Not Do? *Khan love story* by Homestuck Trash

52 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Katelyn McAvoy is bright, young, pretty, and a genius when it comes to math and computers. When Section 31 hired her they had one goal in mind, find the ancient ship, SS Botany Bay, and use it's crew to defend Earth. Now she is building a life for a man she knows everything about, or so she thinks. ...

He's A Better Man by Janessa

When a new mutant history teacher comes to the secret school that Charles Xavier runs he is surprised to find an interesting and beautiful smart mutant that can almost easily be his equal falls for whom he used to call a friend

Can never Lie (Charles Xavier x OC)

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Caroline Pike is destined to be forgotten. Erased for good from peoples minds. That's her mutation. And in her quest to be remembered, who better to help her than somebody meant stay in the memory of the world? Charles Xavier just happens to be that person, but in the midst of a war against of S...

Charles Xavier One-Shot by Bucky Barnes

3 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories
Yet another one shot with yet another child character (please don't kill me)

Breaking Point ~X-Men: First Class~ by Pathetic Loser

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
First thing to know about Kira Floyd: She's a mutant. Second thing to know about Kira Floyd: She's a dangerous mutant. After plenty of accident's, she has learned to keep herself distant from people. In this time of need, though, she'll have to overcome her powers and help the Firs...

Beyond by Annabel Stark

3 pages · Mystery · Adventure
*test story: should I continue? Please leave comments*

Tough love. (An X-men fanfic!) by FUN GHOUL

14 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
You are Rosa Lehnsherr, your brother is Erik Lehnsherr and you have been working along side him for years, but not forgiving him what hes done to your love, Charles Xavier but when you are busted out of the prison you are being held in, what will happen? Will you stay loyal to your brother? Will you...

Unconditionally (A James McAvoy Fan Fiction) by Queen Bee

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Meet Sara Wilson. A 29 year-old, unemployed, American, petite and an overall nice girl. Meet James McAvoy. An international star, scottish, 35 years old, Scottish, quite small and oan overall nice guy. When they happen to meet one night, things from then on will be good an bad, there will be highs a...

Through the Flames. (Tough Love Prequel!) by FUN GHOUL

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is a prequel to my X-Men fanfiction, Tough Love, Tough love. (An X-men fanfic!) This story is set during the events of X-Men First Class, The story follows Rosa, how she grew up with Erik, how they lost each other and how they met Charles and the other mutants but how will Erik react when he s...

Battle Scars by wonderlust

No one knows her name. Not even herself. They all underestimated her, used her, manipulated and even tortured her. For those that know about her power, call her a freak.

Into the Ocean (Brian Jackson Love Story) by Rosepetals of Sin

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
Starter for 10: It's finally 1985, the year Wesley Alexander gets to make her way from America across the Atlantic Ocean to attend her first semester at Bristol University. With a few mistakes in the system, she ends up meeting a boy by the name of Brian Jackson, and both of their worlds take a...

Future Past by Mrs MacFarlane

3 pages · Fan Fiction
New twist on the new film, a young Charles an young Hank, before Charles was in his wheelchair but after Raven left. A young girl who has lived with Charles since she was a baby now needs to choose between her boyfriend or he best friend who she has loved for a long time. While at the same time she ...

We found love in a hopeless place. by Mrs. Google

1 page · Humor · Romance · Fan Fiction
India is sister's with Kiera Knightley, James is divorcing his wife. India feels lost and betrayed. James Needs a shoulder to cry on. Will they Find Love?