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A Different Kind of Vampyre Story (BxB)

28 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
Innocent Jeremy Leoin, a 15-year-old in highschool lives in Riverside California and his life hasnt exactly been easy. From being molested at a young age, to being left i...

I Fell For My WereWolf BxB

5 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Black is a teenaged wolf boy whose never had true love, always being beaten and molested by his father he runs away. Sky a young adult is always good to any and everyone ...

The story on my body

10 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
She was molested as a child, The man who did this can't be remembered, Now Raven questions everything, even her life until a girl, Alex, who came from a bad backgroun...

Phantom Memory

2 pages · Mystery
Saji was kidnapped and molested numerous times as a child. As Saji grew older she was taken to a special hospital where others share the same past memories. Years late...

Lonely Risk (Trigger Warning)

26 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Short Stories
(BXB) Since Ivan entered high school, he's been bullied, molested, and mistreated. Desperate to escape the pain, he...

The year my life turned into a living ...

28 pages · Realistic
This is a true story about what I went through my eight grade year. i was abused. molested. by a guy I thought loved me. I had to fake the smile, fight the tears, and jus...

They Say Good Things Take Time But Rea...

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When a girl spends her whole life being told she is not good enough. When she was bullied from sixth grade right straight threw senior year. Her brother molested her for ...

Avenge the Sin

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
First I was molested by my ex. Then this creep comes onto me at the concert my friends took me to to FORGET ABOUT THE ATTACK AND I GET KIDNAPPED WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIF...

The Story of a Girl

9 pages · Poetry · Romance · Horror
Hello I'm Lily, and this is my story.


2 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Stacey is your average girl.That is, if your definition of average is a girl who obsesses over Creepypasta and anime, is abused and molested by her parents, and bullied a...

Living With My Bully

2 pages · Romance · Realistic
Juliet's world turns upside down when her cousin who previously molested her at a young age moves in due to finacial problems and his parent's leaving town.

What Happened To You?

3 pages · Realistic
I Know You Had a Terrible Life.Got Abused By Your Dad,Was Very Poor With a Mom That Worked 24 Hours Everyday Every Week,Was Molested By Your Brother Every Night,And To Be...
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Living among the normal

5 pages · Romance · Realistic
Amelia Lockhart is a 18 year old girl who lives with her mom and stepdad. And it just so happens that her aunt, her husband and two cousins are living with them as well. ...


9 pages · Romance · Thriller
Every life had a begaining and an end. Everyone knows that. Everyone has that. But It's those little things inbetween that make us all different.

S t o l e n

4 pages · Mystery · Realistic
Rein lives a hard life, her mom never pays attention to her, her father is always at work. Rein decides she's completely sick of it, she runs away from it all until she's...

Fall Breeze, Autumn's Dead

4 pages · Action · Romance · Horror
Autumn faces long term depression after being molested during the summer before and now reentering highschool with a head full of insecurities. Can she hold on any longer...

A Truly Hard Life

2 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Historical
A short notice; When I see people who have a "hard life" it's usually this: "OMG I AM VERBALLY HARASSED AT SCHOOL" and "OH MAI GAWD THIS DUDE ...