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Did you mean ni all horan?
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Fool for you by Chelsey Stewart

16 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Who knew that not knowing that someone's famous could be such a good thing?

I Won't Give Up by Breeezzzyyy

59 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Addison Lanes is just a regular girl with a not so regular past. A past she hardly remembers. Her whole life gets turned upside down when Harry Styles walks into the little cafe she works in.

Give Me Love by Smile you're Beautiful

69 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
She slipped away from me once. I can't let it happen again. Because if it does, it'll be forever. -Harry Styles

Asylum by ziallthoughts

"Alright... Anything else?" Zayn said as he stared at the patients, who groaned and roamed around. A petite blonde playing a piano caught his attention. The blonde glanced at him, blushed, then resumed playing the piano. Liam looked in his direction and frowned. "Stay away from Niall." Liam said...

Breathing Chemicals (18+) by MoonFlower

18 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
(After the song - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons) The world ended not with a boom but a bang, at least that's what Harry can remember, so why is he stranded in a desert plain, metal rusted to its core surrounding him, and why did his voice sound so different. All he can remember is watching the f...

My Snowflake (A Niall Horan Love Story) *FINISHED*

70 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
"I had to show her that I could be there for her. I had to show her my love. I knew I would never stop fighting for her. I was determined that the hate wasn't going to break us.." -Niall Horan

Behind those Hazel Eyes by Tarah Tomlinson

4 pages · One Direction · Humor · Fan Fiction
I am a runaway. I didn't want to live the life I had been living, I wanted to be free. So, I set myself free. I no longer live that life, I now live the life of Hazel Manning. I tour with One Direction, and well, I love it. But there's one thing they don't know about me, it is that past life. They d...

I'd Take The Fall by Miss Unoriginal

I wish she hadn't blindfolded me, she just had this affect on me though. She filled me with this nervous, excitement, I'd do anything for her. We stopped walking. A light breeze ran through my hilighted hair. She pulled her blindfold off to reveal us standing on the edge of a cliff. Her lips grazed ...

Just my luck by Christine

37 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
It was supposed to be just a trip with school. She wasn't supposed to fall in love. Especially not with one of the boys from the most popular boy band...what will happen, when she has to leave and everything goes complicated?

This is the moment. by 5 seconds of eliza

108 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Carly, a young inspiring journalist, gets offered the most amazing opportunity ever. All she has to do is lie to and betray none other than One Direction and her dreams can come true. Easy, right?

Till The Last Breath ~Niall Horan Love Story by YouWereMineForTheSummer

18 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Niall, as you all know, is insanely famous due to his amazing self and his band and all their perfectness. So why should he be upset? Because the only girl he has ever truly fallen for has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It will take everything in him, and the help of his four friends/band mate...

My everything by NannaMathilde

22 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
One Direction is a boyband. And I'm in love with them. I can't think of anything else. I cry at night because I'm not near them. Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it.

Story for a shout out by Bella

If you give me a shoutout, I'll write you a short story about you and one of the boys of One Direction. Just comment with the boy you want and what you look like / what your personality is like. This is where I'm posting the stories. Thank you for reading.

Unexpected(a Niall Horan fanfic) by Courtney

Joan goes to One Direction's CD signing when Niall Horan notices scars and bruises all over her arms and face. He asks what they're from, when the pregnant 15 year old finally caves in and tells Niall he has to leave for tour and once again Joan is all alone with her abusive stepfather, a mother who...

Please Stop by ρяєттуρєαѕαηт

33 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Everyone takes advantage of me. No matter how nice I am, how sweet I am, how pleading I am. It always happens. "Please," I pleaded, "Stop." |One Direction Love Story|

ℓocкєd. (α oηє dιяєтιση ℓoνє ѕтoяу)

18 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Genesis Heil is just an average teenager until she meets One Direction. Liam starts hating on her at first sight, so the boys handcuff them together, so, of course Liam starts abusing her and what not. But, whenever guys hate on girls, it means they like them, right?

H.E.L.P A One Direction Love Story by Ziam

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic · Romance
Nina is a seventeen year old suicidal girl. One day, God places One Direction in her path. Which one will win her heart? Read to find out whether it will be Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, or Louis.

Twisted (Supernatural 1D Story) by Neverlander

42 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
One Direction are supernatural, and each of them fall for a girl... First there's Bethany Harris; a cute loving girl who loves to play the guitar, then there's Adelynn White; one word describes her and that word is LOUD, then comes Lindsey Coleman; bad doesn't begin to describe her, she has a crimin...

Luck Of The Irish (Niall Horan Love Story) by LivingWhileImYoung

102 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Abby Bieber better known as Justin Bieber's little sister. Traveling around with him on his tour with her best friend Lily. Bumping into One Direction at a pit stop could change it all.