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My Love Story (TMNT Leo's Love Sto...

128 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
My first story(: A 17-year-old girl who ran away from her life time foster house into her own living life that is, a life with turtles and a rat. *WARNING* QUOTEV REAL...

Raphael/Reader: Difficult

14 pages · Romance
A Raphael/Reader story, set about a year after the 2014 movie

2012 TMNT Love Story

270 pages · Romance · Action
Emmy is a teenage girl at the age of 14. She looks like the girl in the pic in the first chapter. After falling down into the sewers and getting badly hurt, Leo finds her...

Raph love story

150 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A RaphxReader story 😊 Raph starts falling for a girl he rescued one day, little does he know, she's falling for him too. But she's lost everyone she's ev...

MikeyxReader Fanfiction TMNT2012

58 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Since nobody that I have seen has made a direct MikeyxReader fan fiction I decided to give it a shot! I will try to update every day but if I don't I PROMISE I WILL E...

TMNT One Shots

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Tmnt Oneshots! Share a special moment with your turtle ♥ I will hopefully be adding more soon.

TMNT A forgotten friend and a found love

267 pages ~ Completed · Action · Romance
Eleven year old Raphael has a best friend his family doesn't know about.But Leo finds out, when Leo snitches on Raph, he's forbidden from seeing his friend anymor...

TMNT One Shots

71 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
These are just One-Shots I make from my own imagination. Feel free to leave requests, just fill out the form on the first Author's Note! c: - Requests aren't exa...

F L Y // a raphael romance story

26 pages · Romance · Action
Raphael/OC. Takes place about 1 year after the events of TMNT 2014. Lin Jamison lived a pretty fair life, but ran away from her home when she was 15. Now 16, Lin lives in...

TMNT x reader oneshots pow! pow!

24 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Requests are now closed. Sorry, bbbbuuuttt you can insert your own name. :) A bunch of teenage mutant ninja turtles oneshots. Read it! Love it! hopefully :)

Daddy's Little Ninja ( TMNT story)

12 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Why does my mommy and daddy hit me? What did I ever do to them to make them hate me so much? I want them to love me, but I don't want to get hurt anymore. So I ran aw...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Elemental

223 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
~I do not own tmnt just my OC's and the fanfiction~ Katrina is a VERY unique 15 year old girl, who's parents are dead and crazy alien robots chase her every night that s...
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36 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Letting your emotions out in a fiery way may not be the best. Yet, when the anger consumes a fellow ninja turtle, it may just lead him to the grand solution. Image...

One girl, one family, four hearts

36 pages · Adventure · Romance
How were they suppose to know that one girl would come between them? Can she make them stronger or will she tear them apart? Seren Fay Maria Carter

April's Friend

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Carter Hale is your average 15 year old. Carter moves in with her father after he wins in court. Now with her father always at work Carter decides to help April find out...

Honor Bound

84 pages
How can I fulfill a dying man's wish to protect his wife and children when his wife will have nothing to do with me? As a ninja I am honor bound to fulfill this promi...

TMNT requested one-shots

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Basically a bunch of one-shots that my friends requested with Laila(my TMNT oc/whatever turtle they pick)-they're all seperate I will do Laila x reader if you guys...

Fearless Leader (A Leonardo Love Story)

46 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Zoey was an ordinary teenager. Went to school, dealt with drama, hung out with friends, but when she moves to New York City everything changes. Little did she know that h...

I Was Born To Be This (Tmnt love story)

18 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Rose was raised to fight for the foot clan, everyday was spent fighting to be the best. But when she found out that no one cared for her, she tried to fight and became an...

To Love A Mutant

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Murakami has two daughters, Genevieve and Evangeline. He adopted them eleven years ago. He loves them dearly. Even if they are completely different and express themselves...


34 pages · Romance · Adventure
A seventeen year old girl named... Well, she doesn't have a name. You see, she is homeless, she's a mute, she doesn't have a name but she also has mad fighting skills and...


425 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When Aurora is taken from her family and experimented on by the notorious Baxter Stockman, she is turned into something less...human. (This is a 2003 TMNT fan-fiction)

Mother Mina

85 pages · Fan Fiction
Mina's a twenty five year old woman in New York that's already experienced the worst pain a woman ever could- losing a child. What happens when she meets Splinter in an a...

We're a team (LeoxOCxRaph)

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
After being ambushed by the Foot, Leo was the only one left to save his friends and on the way, he meets a girl who helps him in the rescue. Soon after, she and the turtl...
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