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1D imagines, Preferences and One shots

All in the title! I don't mind if you use them but at least give me a little credict. That's all I ask! I hope you enjoy. Oh, and be sure to leave me some suggest...

One Direction Preferences :)

96 pages · Short Stories
The title says it all. I do take request :)

One Direction BSM Preferences

93 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Title says it all! Feel free to request(: Most of the ages range from 12-19. I try to do some of the younger ones, but I find the ones when you're a teenager easier t...

One direction BSM preferences

84 pages
Basically just BSM preferences, i will do girlfriend preferences if you want and i will take requests too!

BSM Preferences

These are Brother-Sister Moments prefs or sister-sister moment prefs! Includes; Boys: 1D, Bunch Of Youtubers, O2L, Cody Simpson, Janoskinas & 5SOS. Maybe magcon...

One Direction BSM preferences

18 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
A collection of preferences for you and your 1D brother. if you want a preference comment it down. disclaimer: i am not going to do all the boys with the same scenario t...

One Direction Sick Preferences!

2 pages
Bunch of sick preferences and even BSM! enjoyy!

One Direction BSM Preferences

7 pages · Humor · Short Stories
My own collection of preferences, if that makes any sense. Enjoy being one of the guys' little sister.

One direction brother sister preferences

6 pages · Fan Fiction
Justbwellmitnsays it sooooooo

1D/5SOS BSM and DDM preferences

Ive been wanting to do this for a long time now so here goes nothing. Incase you didn't know BSM- Brother Sister Moments DDM- Daughter Dad Moments (i think o...

One Direction Preferences !

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
I wrote these so if you're going to use them , please give me credit ! Hope you guys enjoy (: xoxo ! -Ruby♥3 (Request please) (bsm included)

1d bsm!

Hey! This will be a book just for one direction bsms. I don't know if its just me but I have a huge obsession with these. I will only write bsms unless someone requ...
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BSM 1D Preferences

Hi there! So this is my first book so no hate please and also requests are welcome. Hope you guys like it. See ya! ♥

One Direction Preferences ! 3

2 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
I wrote these so if you're going to use them , please give me credit ! Hope you guys enjoy (: xoxo ! -Ruby♥3 (Request please) (bsm included)

1D Preference

2 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
I will do some BSM and request