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One Direction Imagines/Preferences

These imagines are all written by me, and I'll update when I can, but it may take a while. I write personal imagines; just leave me your name, boy, and preferred sc...

TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

35 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
[LONG-ISH SCENARIOS] I've seen many of one direction, creepypasta, and other boyfriend scenarios, but I haven't seen any TMNT ones so, here ya go :) Footer Cr...

One Direction Imagines *Taking Requests*

I write imagines for people. Want one? Comment a boy and a scenario :)

One Direction Imagines (One Shots)

It's all in the title^^^ Imagines about all of the amazing boys of One Direction! Each imagine is completely random so prepare for different kinds of scenarios!

One Direction Imagines

50 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Here are some One Direction imagines I wrote. I do personal imagines and you can request pref ideas. Leave your name, boy, scenario and a little bit about yourself in the...

One Direction Preferences

9 pages · Fan Fiction
Scenarios of the five guys that stole my heart.

One Shots. One Direction.

28 pages · Fan Fiction
Different scenario's with your favorite member of the band. These are for those of you who dream and imagine of meeting the boys. Request who you would like, and we'll tr...

The Styles Triplets

This is a fanmade fanfic. -I don't own title, or some scenarios of this story. (:- Alexandria is welcomed to her new school by triplets, that have many personalities. Whi...

One Direction One Shots

3 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
These are just some scenarios I think of when I'm bored :) Some of these are inspired by songs.

One Direction One Shots

Please comment and heart. In my opinion, writing (y/n) ruins a story so you can just as easily input your name where I write a different name. Be sure to check the bot...

One Direction BSM preferences

18 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
A collection of preferences for you and your 1D brother. if you want a preference comment it down. disclaimer: i am not going to do all the boys with the same scenario t...

One Direction Preferences

58 pages · Fan Fiction
So um hi,i'm going to be doing One Direction Preferences AKA Scenario's...So request 'em please
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One Direction Boyfriend Scenarios.

8 pages · Romance · Humor
This Is A One Direction Boyfriend Scenario, I Accept Suggestions.

1D/5SOS Preferences

Read the title geniuses.

One Direction Preferences

22 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Some are long, and some are short. These are all made by me, so don't you dare steal! I will find out. I did not take any from Tumblr and I'll try to make these a...


2 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
This is a colelction of poems, short stories and heartbreaking scenarios. I bet your wondering what H.O.P.E. stands for. It means "Hold On, Pain Ends".

Imagines and Preferences

19 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
I get bored, so I write. ~*~REQUESTS OPEN~*~ If you want to request all you have to do is comment with the following details Name: Person you want it with (Gir...

Your 1D boyfriend scenarios

10 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Have you ever wondered how you would meet the perfect 1D boy? Or other scenarious that would happen when you guys were dating? Well, you can find out now!

Little Things //5sos//1d//

17 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
This is not exactly your typical fanfiction. This is serious stuff, like real life scenarios. Not all this lovey-dovey mush. So read, IF YOU DARE!

Imagines 1D Janoskians 5SOS etc

14 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Imagines *LONG* leave a comment with name and scenario! :)

One Direction Preferences and Imagines

50 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Sorry if they're not very good... I'm new at this, this used to be imagines, where you could choose the boy in the scenario. But not anymore! Hope you enjoy them!

The House (Niall Horan horror story)~

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror · One Direction
A perfect beach side house gifted by the love of my life (Niall) fresh air around, perfect green scenario, everywhere nature, wow! it was my dream house but it soon turn...

One Direction and 5sos imagines

62 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
1D and 5sos imagines!I'll try to do them all and as fast as I can!Just tell me your name,boy and scenario(if u want).REQUEST BRIGHT OPEN SO REQUEST WHENEVER YOU WANT

Celebrity birthday scenario game-Bands...

2 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
What will you get? There are: One direction,Hot Chelle Rae, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Carly Rae Jepsen,Green day,Eminem,Taylor Swi...
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