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Daddy's Little Princess. [ParentLo...

18 pages · Fan Fiction
Jim Moriarty was many things. He was a criminal mastermind, a mad genius, and above all: a psychopath. He was brilliant at everything and anything he did. But to say he w...


36 pages ~ Completed · Action · Fan Fiction
So, this is what starts my somewhat lengthy story. It all started when I was four, but it really took affect when I was twelve, so that's where I'm starting from...

Where Iris Grows

166 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
*Sherlock Parentlock Fanfic!* I do not own any of the BBC Sherlock characters. I do however own my OC's Iris and Andrew. An abundance of Sherlolly and some hints of M...

Parentlock-One Shot Fanfiction

29 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
John Watson x Sherlock Holmes Parent Fluff.

The Misadvetures of Sherlock Holmes (P...

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Sherlock Holmes and John Watson adopt a newly orphaned baby, their lives make a drastic turn. Will they be able to care for the newly named Hamish Holmes?

If Sheriarty was Real...

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is about how Sherlock has a daughter who is kept secret from John so that when sherlock fakes his death, sheriarty happens. This is bad but you will understand later...

The Dancing Girl

10 pages · Fan Fiction
Poppy Stone's family have died in a tragic car accident. With no immediate family to look after her she has to be handed over to the next closest relative John Watson (Pa...

Poison Ivy

39 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
When Moriarty ordered Seb to kill a young homeless girl Ivy because she stole from him, Seb can't do it maybe it was her fight or maybe just because she was still a k...

Not Dead (Sequel to Sherlock!)

52 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Sequel to my previous story, Sherlock! I'm fourteen now, and everything is starting to become a bit more normal. I haven't worried about my father in a while, a...

All Murder is Death, but Not all Death...

18 pages
To Mr. Coons, about time you get to read this.

This is the Beginning of the End

10 pages · Fan Fiction
Parent!lock fanfic

The Last Photograph

4 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Stella moves in next to Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and their son Hamish. Her mother, a famous American novelist had been relocated to England for her new book, and aft...
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Can't You Hear that Echo?

43 pages · Fan Fiction
Moriarty has made a decision; he wants to be a father. And after keeping a close eye on his enemy, Sherlock Holmes, he's come to like the personality of twelve-year-...

Trying to Raise Someone New

10 pages · Fan Fiction
This is a Mormor Parentlock story I came up with while in the car going to the mall with my mom (ugh mall). I texted it to my friend and she helped me perfect it. Mor...


1 page ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
This is really really short, but I made it when I was bored. I think it's cute!

Demons Win Some Battles; Don't Let...

13 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Alexia Moriarty has always had problems. She's had problems with her dad, she's had problems with her friends, she's had problems with her lungs, she's h...

Apples to Apples

3 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Troubles are tossed from one person to another in this battle against one another. Good against bad? I wouldn't say that. But it's all just a struggle to survi...

Sherlocks baby girl

32 pages · Action · Romance
Of course sherlock never wanted a child. How could he? They need love and affection which sherlock knew he could not provide. But just when he thought the infant years we...

She's a Rebel

5 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
An unlikely corner in a big city and two girls happen upon each other. They begin talking and become friends, but there are many things getting in the way of this friend...

Bedtime story by Sherlock Holmes

4 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
​Hello, everyone! I came to the conclussion that I would like to tell you a story, apart from My story. In fact, these stories have got something in common, me and my ...

My story

48 pages · Fan Fiction
I ship Johnlock so hard that I decided to make a story about them having two kids: Hamish and Selene (me). Also, I am in this story because of the fact that I do not have...

Papa's a Vampire

2 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Just a little Parentlock I wrote several days ago