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Imperfectly Perfect

38 pages · Science Fiction · Adventure
Your parents always used to tell you that you were priceless. You used to never think that they would give you away. They would keep you in your arms forever, and would t...

He Said Just Once

43 pages ~ Completed · Realistic
"Just once?" Kris looked at the pipe as if it was life or death. Or in this case life or meth. "Just once, trust me it's amazing," Jess stared deeply into her eyes. Le...

You Aren't Real

71 pages · Horror · Romance
"Who the hell are you?" I typed. My hands trembled as I awaited a response from the person on the other end. "Your boyfriend," it said. I stared at my sc...

Torn Apart

6 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Realistic
When Matt's friend Ryan pushes Matt to do drugs, what will Matt do? What will his family do? And what will tear his family apart? Him or time?

No Good For You *Under Hiatus*

17 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Roe Baylor is the definite Good Girl of New Orleans. Just out of the gates of her Senior year, she's keeping her eye on the prize - a full-ride scholarship to Princeton ...

I Can Change You [Harry Styles]

9 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Kendall Lee Green wasn't exactly a normal girl.She wasn't even raised as one. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She lived in a nicer house, in the nicer side of town.That...

Falling For You (A Niall Horan Love St...

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
College is hard. Grades. Tests. Peer pressure. Its all hard. My life is like a movie: Im the under the radar girl. The studier. The goody twoshoes and then there the bad ...

Silence Isn't Always Golden.

2 pages · Realistic
Kenzie is the silent girl in the back of the class. No one likes her. No one speaks to her. Life can get pretty tricky. Bullies, The 'It' crowd, Peer pressure. All of it....

Drugs Ruined my life

13 pages · Realistic · Romance
It's a realistic-fiction book about a girl who ruined her life by giving in to peer-pressure.


35 pages ~ Completed · Realistic
Carla was a peacock, I could never become equal to her. She set standards for me and I strove to meet those standards, even if it meant slowly killing myself.

Shift To Genuine

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
“This is how it goes,” Tom whispered, “As of tomorrow you have 30 days to seduce 6 members of the female population. I choose who they are, you can’t move on with...

Pressure (Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction)

4 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
You're always taught to say no to peer pressure, right? Well why say no, when you have the chsnce to meet the one you love?
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I'm [Not] Sorry

11 pages · Realistic · Thriller
Mari has just moved from Ohio to California, and of course, she has to go to a new middle school. She meets two friends, Maddi and Katelynn. What happens when she starts ...

Start Of The End ~An O2L Story~

2 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction
When the Bennett triplets, that's Chole, Mara and Flo start their own YouTube channel, Crazy x3, they get the attention of the one and only Sam Pottorff from the famo...

College Girl

10 pages · Realistic · Romance
Dani Brooks is now in college. Not that you will see her smiling about it. In fact, college is the last place Dani wants to be. The one true friend she has ever had got i...

Lived, Loved, and Lied

15 pages · Romance · Realistic
Marissa Thompson thinks she has all she has ever wanted, but then she meets John Moralias, and she realizes all she ever wanted was with him. But we all have secrets, and...

Memories of Carlotta (HIATUS)

15 pages · Romance · Realistic
Ivy's been living in solitude for a long time. Her 'family' is always busy with other things, school doesn't really help her self esteem either. No one li...


6 pages · Realistic · Romance
"But what if I don't want to change? What if I want to be me?"- Cassandra Olsen

It Makes No Sense

16 pages · Realistic
Michael always had a hard life, but it was okay thanks to his best friends Nate and Walker. What happens when those friends stop being one?

Angelus messorem mortis (My angel reap...

16 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Death. People sometimes fear it, others await it. It's nothing special we all have to die sometime, some sooner than others. Some people cause other people deaths. It can...

Sit Down and Niall Tell You a Story

Sophia Robbins is just a normal girl living a normal life as a high school junior. Or, as normal as it gets for a girl living in small town Brevard, North Carolina who'd ...

Secrets and Love

17 pages · Romance · Humor
Blakc Butler, Attack on Titian & Blue Exorcist Multi- Crossover XD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yukio Fujimoto, Sebastian Michaelis, Levi Ackerman, and Claude Faust...

Do it Anyways

2 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Poetry
A short poem about peer pressure, bullying and world pollution.

Teen Troubles:Nadia's Diary

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
Nadia Muray, a 14 year old who has just started high school, is faced with difficulties. Not the normal peer pressure stuff but Nadia is disliked by girls and loved by bo...
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