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College rooмaтeѕ by ˣ.aye.ˣ

16 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Blake Woods couldn't wait to go to college. A whole different life, and different people. She was going to Bradley University in California. A school with opportunites, parties, and mostly importantly, boys. When there's a mix up in the system, Cass is set up with Harry Styles as a roommate. An a...

We're like Na Na Na [A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction] by Dαnιєℓℓє

44 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
When Callista( Cali to friends and family) goes to spend the winter with her cousin Liam and his bandmates, she can sum it up in two words... Not Impressed. Liam is the older brother she's never wanted, Niall eats EVERYTHING, Louis cannot be serious to save his life, Harry always has some perverted ...