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Lost [Peter Pan] by cнʟσε тнε cяεαтıνε

87 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Peter Pan/OUAT] "Enough." He snarled, slamming her against the tree trunk. Erin winced as he gripped her wrists tightly above her head. "I want this to end now. I want you to go home and fall in love with someone who isn't a monster." Peter released her wrists and she brought ...

Beauty and the BEAST *tale* by mαddíє hαttєr

39 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Peter Pan is dying. He needs to break the curse and his heart will no longer be black. But, to break the curse he needs to love. Pan can't love. Meet Victoria Night. Average Storybrooke villager looking for adventure in the great wide somewhere, running away from love sick Garry. When they meet ...

Captain's Daughter COMPLETED (OUAT~Peter Pan Love Story)

193 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Romance
Hook's daughter is all grown up. And trust her, it's not easy growing up away from Neverland. Her home. But when she returns, will she figure out how to be a pirate again? Will she survive the forest? Especially with the Lost Boys at every turn. Everywhere. And who would want to hide from the bad bo...

The Piper's Song ~OUAT Peter Pan Fanfiction -Finished- by peтer pan'ѕ ѕтoryтeller

171 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
What if I told you Felix (Pan's head lost boy) had a younger sister named Anne (or Anna)? And what if I told you that after Felix left to become a lost boy, Anne found a box filled of all Neverland secrets? What if finally--when Pan plays his special song, Anne follows it to go find her brother...

Broken not Lost by Emmaline

46 pages · Fan Fiction
Lilly was only ten when her brother, Bae went through a portal to get away from their father the Dark One. It has been five years since than nad she is now fifteen. She has slowly watched her father go crazy trying to find her brother. Now, she has a chance to save him- but with the cost being her o...

Can love be happiness by Lindsey Smith

61 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Peter Pan has found a lost girl and he is not willing to let her leave is it because he has a plan or is it because she means a little more to him than a pawn in his game.

The Demon's Angel by Dark Princess

105 pages · Romance · Mystery
After years being held captive, Wendy is let go in one condition. She'd live a peaceful life back in London and when her first daughter were born she'd give her to Pan. But along the years, love takes over her heart and she gives her own life for her daughters freedome. After 15 years of hid...

The Devil In Disguise [Peter Pan x reader] by love is blind but call me sammy

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
“Peter please if you would just listen to me-“You start before he cuts you off in a snarl. “I told you no one can change the monster I am. I told you to go away, why haven’t you done as I told” He asks angrily. “Because I love you Peter. I know you’re better than this, just let me ...

The Lost Boy (Peter Pan OUAT) by Alyssa

88 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Cordelia Jones was the Captain's daughter and lost all hope that her father would ever return to rescue her. Peter Pan was the first lost boy and a heartless monster. But something changed when they first lay eyes on one another and perhaps, in that moment, that's when they both realized tha...

My Love /Peter Pan\ by Supernatural

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Captain Hook hasn't seen his daughter since he left Neverland a long time ago. Since then his daughter, Amelia, has been living on Neverland as a half Mermaid and Human. She fell in love with Peter Pan and he fell in love with her, but they didn't know. But what happens when Captain Hook co...

Finding Neverland ~Peter Pan Love Story ~ by Anna Roberts

44 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Peter Pan ~ the mysterious boy from Neverland ~ tricks you into going to Neverland with him. You start to fall for him - convinced that he loves you. But when a mysterious and dark evil threatens your worlds, how far are you willing to go to save him? And can you count on saving you too?

All Grown Up

176 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Wendy Darling's great grand-daughter has listened to countless stories from her grandmother about a boy who whisked her away in the night with her brothers and gave her an amazing adventure. Her mother, Margaret, doesn't talk about her adventures as much. The name has stayed with her family so Peter...

The Shadow's Keeper ~OUAT Peter Panfiction by peтer pan'ѕ ѕтoryтeller

92 pages · Romance · Adventure
***SEQUEL TO THE PIPER'S SONG*** Pan's different. Since killing the shadow man, he's gained his powers. He has a new army, and this time, it's not Henry's heart that he wants but the love and affection from his lost girl, Anna. Her destiny means everything to him and he's g...

The Pirate Princess (Captain Hook Love Story) by sweet and innocent

69 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Some know her as Julia, others know her as Juliet. Some only see the small town store owner, others see the ruthless pirate daughter of Rumpelstltskin. But captain hook has always seen something more...

Believe In Magic.

115 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
A girl named Willow who is 16 years old and takes care of her little sister. She has a boyfriend. She has best friends. She has a perfect life. Until one night when her little sister starts to believe in magic. Willow doesn't believe in magic. She thinks it's all just fairy-tales and myths. ...

The Captains Litte Girl by StephieG

61 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
'There's a boy on the island, I want you to stay away from him, okay love?' Hook said to his little girl. 'Anything you say, Daddy,' She smiled up at him and ran off, but she didn't know which boy he meant, there where so many. And then she met him.

The Found Girl by Rose

73 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Oh you wouldn't dare use that on me Pan" Vanessa spitted on his face grinning with joy. "Oh you think I wouldn't dare too?" He smirked. Pan slowly dipped the tip of the arrow inside the poisonous liquid. "Watch me" Without having a reply Vanessa saw the arrow slip ou...

Trapped In Neverland by Monsters Under My Bed

203 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
*Once Upon a Time; Peter Pan. Mixed with a little bit from the movie Neverland. Two stories bashed together* Remember when Hook and his brother first sailed to Neverland? Remember how after his brother died he was given the title of a Captain, and then transformed into a pirate? Well, based off of O...

Second Star To The Right (Peter Pan) by Land of Misfit Teens

94 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
~Sorry not good at descriptions. Sooooo read to find out more..~ I thought Peter Pan was the good guy, people said he was a demon. But what happens when I end up in Neverland? Can I trust him with my heart? And who's really on my side?

Lost Girl by Brianna

7 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
I'm Anna. I'm 14 and I live in Storybrook with my adopted brother Henry. We were adopted at the same time by Regina. Only Henry and Regina understood me. You see I have powers, that are stronger than Regina's! I only use my powers for good, not evil. But after one adventure, everything c...
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