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This Isn't A Game Anymore (The Wal...

402 pages · Horror · Romance
CryaoticxReader "In the end, the dead always win." What was once just a game, became your life. And what was once your life, turned into a complete fear-induced...

Revived [Cry x Reader]

212 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
[Cry x Reader] When you wake up in a place you don't know, you're scared. But not as terrified as you are when you come across dead people... Walking. You also fi...

Lover bros. (Pewdiepie X Reader)

114 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You've been a bro since the beginning. You were there when he met Stephano, when he hit 1,000 bros and when he hit #1 on Youtube. You were even there for his recent break...

A Cryaotic love story (Cry x Reader)

73 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When you meet your best friend's, friend (Cry) you start to feel different about him in a way. (Contains swears). Yes I know, PewDie lives in, Britain and Cryaotic Lives...

Youtuber Oneshots

41 pages · Romance · Short Stories
All the youtubers you can think of: Gamers, Minecrafters, Vloggers, and even more. Front cover by me.

YouTube Gamers Oneshots

34 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
(Reader x Various) Oneshots of various YouTubers (such as PewDiePie, ChaoticMonki, ParagonNova, ect).

Youtubers x Reader~

71 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Every chapter have a diffrent, short x Reader story. I'm going to try to do as much Youtubers as I can ;)

Youtube Wonderland-Reader x Various

56 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
It is your 18th birthday and you are going to get engaged. Yay. But, you don't want to get married: Your Mother is forcing you. You don't want to...not after...that... S...

Surprise, surprise (Cry X Reader)

83 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You and your brother Felix (Pewdiepie) are living in America. When one of his best friends comes over, your life is changed forever.

She's Mine! (PewdiePie x Reader x ...

26 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What have you gotten into? //Discontinued//

Don't Ever Look Back

56 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
(Reader Insert) *Reader x Various* Y/N is stuck in Florida visiting an old friend when the power goes out in nearly every state. Something goes wrong and sick people are ...

Abducted (Reader x Youtubers)

45 pages · Thriller · Realistic
Who knew, one day, that a (y/a) year old girl would never come back home after another late night shift at a cafe. Who knew it'd be that night. Who knew that your a...
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Amnesia (Youtubers X Reader)

57 pages · Horror · Romance
You were simply stuck in amnesia and didn't have enough strength or skill to escape, but when you run into a pair of boys...

Inside The Game (Youtuber x Hetalia (R...

80 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Mystery
You slowly waking up and realized that You're not in your bedroom but in a dark forest. You started to wandering around until you find someone there. Read to find out...

Be My Queen Of Bros (Pewdiepie x Reader)

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery
**MARZIA DOES NOT EXIST IN THE STORY (I love Marzia, but just so it doesn't look like I'm stealing anyone's idea)** Your brother had gotten you into Pewdiepi...


21 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
What would you do if you just woke up after a coma for 2 years and then learned that the world now is infected with "Zombies" , and somehow you get stuck with 6 cute guys...

Various Youtuber X Reader

3 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
The title says it all! Multiple youtubers(Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc.) and different scenarios for each short story. Enjoy! :)

She Saved my Life (Pewdiepie x Reader)

43 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
(FEMALES ONLY) You met Pewds at a fan-meetup spot, but as you were taking a video of you, him, and Marzia, you noticed a sniper pointed in his direction. "Pewds, Marz...

Written in the Stars ( PewDiePie X Rea...

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"You love Pewds, don't you?" She smirked. "Hopefully." I smirked back.

Reader and The Bros

38 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
So maybe falling into a computer isn't the best thing to do at night… DISCLAIMER: The bros belong to Pewds and Amnesia belongs to whoever…you know, good old…...

EntoanThePack x Reader

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Can you handle withdrawal from self harm? Will you kill yourself to stop the pain? Or will your new boyfriend help save your life?

I Can be Your Hero (PewDiePie x Reader)

65 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
The day you see Pewds walking the sidewalks in Brighton UK, where he just saves your life when you try to walk up to him... Is the day it all started.

The Love That Binds Us (Cry x Reader)

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
ATTENTION! The story belongs to me but I will let you make a chapter, I will give you credit for it. If you'd like to make a chapter or simply give me an idea, suc...
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