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Fatal Attraction

126 pages
On screen everyone gets to see that sweet and innocent boy he potrayed himself to be in front of the fans, but I see something different in him. Ross Lynch isn't the boy ...

"You're Good With Kids?" D...

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Lukas is really good with your child. Who would have guessed. Drabbles. (y/n)= your name, (b/n), (c/n), (pt/n), or (t/n)= baby, child, preteen, or teenager's name, (e...

Just like you. Tenthdoctor x preteen!r...

This is my first Doctor who oneshot so yeah, I'm a multi fandom person. I also dream of being like the tenth doctor so yeah.

Extra-Ordinary Girl (NordicsxChild!Rea...

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Okay, so maybe I lied a little in the title. You're a preteen in this. What happens when the Nordics find a 'special' girl? I'm not giving you too many ...


10 pages · Thriller · Romance
Trent and best friend Will make a mistake one day. They kill a girl, and slowly they become addicted. It wasn't supposed to be like this, but it happened. The two learn t...


44 pages · Realistic · Action · Adventure
Two sisters. A kidnapping. And a mission to save them all.

The Dark Girl (Short Story)

9 pages · Short Stories · Fantasy · Vampires
The story about a boy who had a connection with a vampire girl, both were preteens, and both were soulmates.


8 pages · Adventure · Thriller
Amelia is not your ordinary preteen. She isn't like the rest of her school or classmates. They call her 'Peculiar' due to being the outcast of the school. She meets a few...

Project: Sticks & Stones

16 pages · Realistic
Hey QuoteV! I'm working on my next novel and I want to hear what you guys want in a novel! Topics in this novel include bullying and friendship. Read a few excerpts o...

One Bad Hit Can Go A Long Way

14 pages
Moriah is a young preteen working hard to be herself and forget her one true love Ron, but what happens when he likes her and hates his girlfriend? Find out here!

A Mist of Memory

26 pages · Fantasy · Action
What would you do if you woke up without a past? Without and memories? What if all you had left were nightmares? Young Talia had a bad past, the worst, and now her and he...


17 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
When Paige Shaunter is playing Hide and Seek with the whole camp, she gets separated from her team and is thrust into a battle between the Slender Bros.'s 'army&#...