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Wait Were We Just Kidnapped [ON HOLD]

129 pages · Adventure · Humor
Ciera Madison is a funny, sarcastic and just down right crazy. Alison and Ciera were walking to school to only get kidnapped by a group of really good looking guys. How w...

Can't Change Me *Finished*

103 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Adventure
Imagine growing up in your sister's shadow. Imagine guys just wanting you but you prefer being independent. One friend is enough. You prefer things the way they are. But ...

One choice can transform you (A Diverg...

198 pages · Adventure · Action
My name? Aspen Burnt. Well, that's my name after I choose my faction. This is a new life and I can't turn back. Whatever happened in my old faction never happened...

The Strange Academy

83 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
"You have to come with me, this was all a lie. If you stay here, they'll kill you, or worse." he whispered urgently, standing on the edge of the deck. I shive...
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Human! Pokemon (Reader X Human! pokemo...

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
What happens when your pokemon turns human? Do you sit around wondering how and why did the turn human? Or do you accept fate, and enjoy your pokemon being human? Who kno...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

56 pages · Fan Fiction
I wrote all these scenarios and drew all the pictures by myself. I'm sorry if they suck. I'm not the best writer or artist.

A Pokémon Turned into a Human! (Onesho...

Well no one ever believed a Pokémon could turn into a human, but sometimes life just loves to prove us wrong. *Reader x Human! Pokémon, Oneshots*

For the Devil to Dance Again. Kol Mika...

40 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Anastasia lost her parents at a young age. She was taken in by her loving Grandmother Frankie a very powerful witch who happens to be indebt to one Klaus Mikaelson. When ...
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Jeff the killer

11 pages · Historical · Mystery
Real story about Jeffrey Woods

Little Pastas

45 pages · Historical · Adventure
Two little girls are in for a adventure, one more used to it then the other. One becomes the apprentice of a famous Creepypastas, after surviving since the late 1800s. Th...

Stories of the Signs

7 pages · Historical · Fantasy
Random stories about the zodiac signs.

RIP Isabel Medina 1983 - 2011

8 pages ~ Completed · Historical
Its for my mother. Tomorrow her anniversity of passing away for 3 years. Love -hmedina
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56 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Everytime, a Royal prince turns eighteen, a game is played. A horrid game, in which, millions of girls are sold by their family in exchange for money. Then, the girls ar...

Proxy since little (Creepypasta X read...

66 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Hi my name is (y/n). I am 15 years old and I don't remember who my parents were. They left me in the woods at age 6. Mr . Slender took me in as his own. There he rais...

Fixing Her

147 pages · Short Stories · Fantasy
Ariel Britcher never goes to parties, but her friend Riley dragged her to a bonfire on the beach. As she was there she met Kian Lawley and they became friends. Kian start...

Preachers Boy (BxB) *RE-WRITE of Tears...

112 pages · Fantasy · Short Stories
WARNING: BxB Tyler is the preacher's son. Everyone thinks he's the perfect boy, everything someone should be. If they knew who he really was, would they be so q...
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Creepy Stories *WARNING: SCARY*

11 pages · Horror · Thriller
Ha ha ha, sleep is sooooo over rated!

31 Days Of Halloween

156 pages · Horror · Thriller
31 Horror stories, one for each day of October. There's no other way to say this: You'd better get some toilet paper, because you're about to get the crap sca...


115 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Action
Kidnapped is a story about a 18 year old girl who was kicked out of her house to go start a life in New York City. While trying to find a job she walks in on a gang membe...
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50 pages · Fantasy · Humor
Blair Baxton has always been a social outcast. A reject. She's been picked on, mocked, and bullied. Anything bad you can imagine, has happened to her. She's just ...

Creepypasta One Shots

14 pages · Horror · Humor
Everything you need to know is on the first chapter.

You became my Soldier

82 pages · Humor · Action
This is a story about a seventeen year old girl who suddenly woke up in the Attack on Titan universe. She is from an ordinary world, but you should know that she definite...
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Far From Us (Marble Hornets) ON HOLD

101 pages · Horror · Mystery
Masky has been a proxy for a year and half, this being how long Jay has been dead. When Masky forgets to take his medication to keep from having a seizure he blacks out ...

The forgotten child

21 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Mystery

YOUR Five Nights at Freddy's

13 pages · Horror · Mystery
You need a job so you go search and find that a local pizzeria is seeking help so you go check it out and the next thing you know you got hired and starting your first ni...
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377 pages ~ Completed · Action · Realistic
When Aniline gets kidnapped one night, what will hapen when she is wanted but her kidnappers don't want to give her away?

Empty Desk

91 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Mystery
It all started with a young girl. A sweet, young girl of about fifteen. She had a big heart. Cared about everyone. Lots of friends; A loving family. But it all ende...

You're Beautiful

2 pages · Realistic
Tori Ross is your typical, over weight loner. Every single day of her life she is bullied because of her weight, and she actually tries to commit suicide. Until a group o...
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Never Say Never ~An Arranged Marriage ...

85 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"What is that thing? What did you do to me?" I ask harshly swatting his hand away. "It's called a possession mark. It binds you to me. It makes you mine...

The Principal's Daughter *Finished*

104 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Romance
♥~ Lia is the perfect daughter of the principal. Jay is the sexy rebellious bad boy. What happens when the Connelly Academy Board of Education decides to make Lia tuto...

Creepypasta One shot ;D !Requests are ...

67 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Choose your favorite Creeypasta character Bahahahah ;D *Request Are Open!* Yay! I hope you like it ;v; *For everyone \(^.^)/ yay lol*
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Myths are just myths... Right? ~Finish...

123 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Science Fiction
What happens when myths and fairy tales come true and come to haunt you? What happens when you fall in love with one? And you become one with the Myth world?

How Much Is That Werewolf in the Window?

72 pages · Fantasy · Science Fiction
Trent gets taken to the animal shelter while in his wolf form. Kale wants to adopt a dog for her sister. What happens when she picks "the wolf-mut"?

Meredith and the Doctor

15 pages · Adventure · Science Fiction
Meredith Gray is a very secretive girl, with a lot of loneliness and regret hidden in her past, yet still manages to be kind and sarcastic no matter the situation. She...
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Thriller Hide

Daryl's Little Girl

294 pages · Thriller · Action
"She was fierce, she was strong, she wasn't simple. She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept. She always had something to say. She had flaws and that was ok. ...

Weird creepy stories

384 pages · Thriller · Short Stories
Well,this is a new story thingy.this will be more updated than my other two stories so just deal with it!anyway,read it!

Against The World

319 pages · Thriller · Action
Danni's life was nearly perfect- she had a family, boyfriend, a good job... she never would've expected the walking dead to ruin all that. After everything she kn...
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5 pages · Mystery · Romance
Macy Hayes is a 17 year old girl out of a long line of detectives with a dream to become a detective herself. Rex Weaver is a 19 year old bad boy police rookie with secr...

Riding Halfway

7 pages · Realistic
This story is about a teenage girl who dropped out of school to continue her dream of becoming a famous horse rider. Sadly something happens but she won't let it get ...

Between Walls

91 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Clare is a seventeen year old. After an earthquake occurs and their house breaks down, the city offers them the house facing theirs for only half the price. But the longe...

Key Guardians: Dark Key Story of Krislyn

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
It's about my life and how did I join the Decepticons. My story might get cool soon. So read what you think.

Understand Why (Teen Wolf)

48 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
She lost her parents, she wasn't the innocent girl she should be. Jordan had seen so much of life. And she sees even more when she is exposed to more people with abi...

Nina [Newt, TMR]

3 pages
Nina is thrown into a box with no memory but her name. When she stops at her destination, she finds out she is the only girl in a group of what, 50-60 boys? She finds he...

Book 2: The Return of Yukimura Yukino.

149 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Ever since the whole destruction, her loyal Light Warriors are dead. And Minori(her grandfater) has sacrifice his life to seal Kronos. And all these for 4 years, it may b...

Green Hair Clifford

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Sometimes love happens in an unexpected place and unexpected people.

The Magic of Walt Disney

6 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
2014 © All rights reserved. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable people, places, settings, and such are the property of their respective owners. The plot and original ...

Secrets held inside ~A NaLu~

5 pages · Romance · Action
"Lucy you're worthless!" "Lucy no one needs you!" "Lucy no one cares!" Everyday Lucy would hear that. And she's sick of it. Lisanna had ...

One In A Million

257 pages · Adventure · Romance
Jacqline Witwicky is kind of your ordinary girl, until her dad tells her to collect 2 thousand dollars to buy a car. What she didn't expect was for her to get an alie...

Taking Back What's Ours

56 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure · Anime/Manga
*Attack on Titan Fan Fiction* What if Eren had a twin sister? (Erwin X Saskia X Levi love story) That was my first time seeing one. It's head popping up past th...

Crushed [Modern Sasuke Love Story]

60 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Uchiha Sasuke. He's the top of his year, popular and handsome. But he's also cold and he's willing to break a guy's jaw if the guy looks at him for too lo...

KHR x Reader

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Decided to make this since I'm currently in love with KHR right now I hope you all enjoy~! Sorry if there is some oocness ;A;

My Best Friend's Roommate

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
I've been friends with Steve Rogers for years, we met at a little coffee shop. He told me about everything he went through. I was visiting him one day (my apartment w...

Risk (Eric - Divergent) A Fan Fiction

174 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I seek courage, coward-less acts and bravery. I seek to better the world by preparing its Physical, emotional and mental attributes. I am Dauntless

Midnight Memories

(Louis Tomlinson) ... Paige finds herself at the mall bumping into Louis Tomlinson the day before their concert in LA. The grow found of each other after spending a whole...

The Murderer

5 pages · Horror
Alice is insane about her past. She had to live in an orphanage, she was taken from her mother, and she was put into a mental asylum. She reviews her past life over again...

Attack on Titan: Wings of Destruction

83 pages · Fan Fiction
LeviXOc and ErenXFriend'sOC It had been years since the titans had cornered the humans. No matter how much humans fought back, no matter how many titans were decimat...

Alois x Mary(from Ib)Beautiful Art Work

Little ones not for Alois Trancy and Mary from the game Ib. I just really love these two as a couple! There both so lonely and just...AH! Just read!

The Unknown Child

71 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
For thousands of years, Madison has known she was part vampire and never knowing she was something else. One day, Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale, from the Olympian Coven, c...

Shallow Waters

38 pages · Adventure · Romance
''Mine..,'' he said softly and innocently. His eyes were becoming darker. His breathing becoming heavier, yet lighter. I gasped as Jason crashed his lips into mine...

The School Of Heroes

49 pages · Adventure
One wannabe hero, one actual hero who is missing, and quite a lot of prophecies demanding a hero to save the world. The School of Heroes… not such a safe place is it?

Wolf Hunt

9 pages · Mystery · Action

Name's Newt, Greenie |The Maze Run...

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When a girl wakes up in a metal box rocketing towards a set of thick doors she freaks out. She can't remember anything. When she enters the Glade She finds that it is...

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (OHSHC Fanfic)

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Sora Adachi is running and finally, she finds a place where time stands stills. It also feels like reality ceases to exist whenever she is there. With the Ouran Host Club...

I'll be right here (Death Note)

9 pages · Mystery · Fan Fiction
Love and Hate (relationship) L X OC She always looked so happy, "I can see all the tears you've cried, like an ocean in your eyes. All the scars and the pain t...

What hides behind a mask? [Ayato Kiris...

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
"It's not like I hate you." "How did I fall in love with you?" How did Ayato fall in love,indeed? Read and find out! [Ayato Kirishima love story] ...

All To Blame (MMPR Season 2, Avalon Se...

261 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
She's always been a loner; always taking care of herself, and she wasn't afraid of anything. But her past and current mistakes makes things hard for her when she ...

The daughter of davy jones

What if davy jones wasn't the monster everyone knew him to be. What if he just put it on as a act. To hide the broken man inside. To hide the man who lost what was mo...

The Daughter He Loves But Doesn't ...

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Voldemort had a daughter, but after his first downfall she was sent to America. She goes to Hogwarts and is later reunited with her father and mother. But she is everythi...

Dear Reader...

3 pages · Realistic · Adventure
Just random thoughts, memories, quotes and words. Trigger Warning, don't read unless your ready for the Unexpected.

The Perfect Memory

35 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
When the angels ask what I loved most about life, I'll say you - Harry Styles

The Heart of the Mermaid

30 pages · Fantasy · Romance
A teen finds out she is half-mermaid and her mother is kidnapped by mermaid hunters, she sets off with her best friend/boyfriend to find her mother and avenge her father'...

Sucked into the Wizarding World

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Skylar Chase and Sapphire Blackwood are best friends. They are huge potterheads. One night they were having a Harry Potter themed sleepover. But when the tv starts acting...


6 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
Y a n d e r e ! M o d e r n ! S a s u k e U c h i h a X R e a d e r : Lovesickness hurts the most, that's what you found out on the bitter way. When the boy, who e...

Water, Mackerel and Me (Haru X Reader)

13 pages · Realistic · Romance
You crush is obsessed with water and mackerel. You wish he was obsessed with you.

Within Seconds [Barry Allen]

37 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Parker Sylas was a girl who ran from her previous home in Metropolis. She's back in her home town of Central City. Working in both the Police Station and Star Enterpr...

My Mrs. Prankinstien (Mikey X Reader) ...

4 pages · Humor · Romance
Dedicated to a very good friend of mine, Melon :) Feel free to suggest, everyone!

Through the Anger (Sequel to Through t...

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Mickey and the Gladers have made it out the Maze and taken by WICKED to a building. They were told they were safe and that they were away from the Maze. But that was only...

My Unexpected Life....

Sanya was that one girl everyone liked. She had it all, the looks, the rich parents, the crazy friends, etc. She had the perfect life, until one day, she discovered the r...
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