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The Umbrella Man (Benedict x Reader) by Geek

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
This summer vacation is supposed to be the best one yet. The summer vacation before you finally graduate from college. The summer were you'll finally hear a British accent in person. The summer where you'll see your best friend that moved back to her homeland the year before.The summer where...

Life Banger by Nicole Kristy

17 pages · Romance
Lakin and Blake's names have always been strung together. They were those two people who everyone knew would end up together. They were as close as two friends could be, including some raunchy benefits, and neither one saw a future without the other. But they had a secret. Multiple secrets, in fact....

Burning Desires... by MissRandyDevil

2 pages · Short Stories
This will be possible 18+ reading so yeah warning, you know the age as to what i may write so i wont be responsible for you being blind :3 cush!

Killing yourself with Lucid Dreaming by exxhale

6 pages · Romance · Humor
Love is an awful, yet beautiful thing. The truth is that the more intimately you know someone, the more clearly you'll see their flaws. This is why marriages fail, why children are abandon, why friendships don't always last. You might think you know someone until you see the way they act wh...

One concert. (Michael Clifford) by Sophia

99 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
It all started with that one concert, That one faithful day that changed their lives forever! *warning: Contains language and later maybe a few raunchy scenes so if you want to mind your innocence I will have warnings for when these scenes are about happen*

What time is it? Adventure Time! by ACarbonCupcake

3 pages · Romance · Adventure
~A Cole Pendry Love story~ WARNING: some scenes will get raunchy Ill put a quick notice before it if its in a chapter