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Did you mean ransomers sister?
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The Evil twin(Alec Volturi) by WickedLady

167 pages · Fantasy · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Jade is Renesmee's younger sister. She's just as beautiful and intelligent as Renesmee, but lacks the love her sister gets. Jade feels like the shadow of her sister, like a bodyguard for the girl if she's in trouble or the evil twin. However Jade is sick of being second place and runs away to travel...

Don't Call Me Kitten... |Paul Lahote| by Just Alixce

216 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Twilight
Renesmee Cullen was the loved child. The wanted one... the important one. But no one knew about her 'pet' Kitten. Kitten was her twin sister, Her reason for living was to be Nessie's Pet. Carlisle, Esme, and Emmett are the only ones that loved her for her. So they renamed her. Karson Mar...

Guarding My Heart *Alec Volturi* by Jessie

114 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Renesmee has a twin sister, Carly, when the voltui arrive the cullens have to make a choice, Nessie or Carly? What will happen when they make that choice and Carly meets a certain immortal that will change her life forever.

The Other Girl (Seth Clearwater Love Story)(*FINISHED*)

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Twilight · Fan Fiction
What if Renesmee had a sister? A sister who was ignored all her life. But her sister is not like the others. She's not a hybrid, she's more of a mutant with her unnatural fangs, crystal blue eyes, and multiple talents. Will she be the reason for tragedy or a hero?

Momma's Girl (Jacob Black) by Bʀιαʀ Rσѕє

143 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Vampires
Everyone knew Bella was pregnant. What they didn't know was that she was having twins. That is, until she gave birth. Look into the life of Renesmee's twin sister.

As different as Red and blue(Volturi Love story) by Vylxze Orions

41 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Twilight
Edabella Aliosalie Cullen. From a person's point of view shes just a normal girl. A girl with ginger red hair, sea green eyes and porcelain white skin, a girl with the a not normal life but she herself isn't normal. Edabella Aliosalie Cullen, Renesmee Carlie Cullen's twin sister, was...

Impossible Love Story ~Aro Volturi~

139 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Romance
What if Renesmee had a Twin Sister? Rosalinda Masen Cullen. What happens when a Certain leader of the Volturi, Sees her? Is there such thing as Love at first sight, or just Power Hunger? (There is Bad Language and other mentioned things)

Renesmee's Twin (Paul Lahote Love story) by KaylaJoan

25 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy · Twilight
Tresemme (Tressy) Alina Cullen is Renesmee Carlie Cullens twin sister. Alina was given away to an Orphanage because they thought she was human. No one could tell. But when (Alina) was sent to her 2nd foster home... Everything went wrong. The Cullen's just got her used to a sense of home, but whe...

Unforgettable [A Demetri and Alec Volturi Love Story]

15 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Twilight
Terra and Tessa Jansen, the vampire sisters. Both being nomads, they are hard to find, until Alice and Jasper, asks the old friends of theirs to be Witnesses. When these two sisters Witness for Renesmee and fight for her, what could possibly happen? Besides the fact that they could potentially find...

Carlie (Peggy): The twin sister of Renesmee by horsegurl100

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Carlie Elizabeth Cullen is the twin sister of Renesmee Marie Cullen. Carlie and Renesmee are both half vampire and half human and daughter of Edward and Bella. Jacob imprints on Carlie while Seth imprints on Renesmee. Will there perfect life be ruined when Irina spots them? Will the Volturi destroy ...

Connected At The Heart by Jada

43 pages · Fantasy · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Allie Gem Cullen is the twin sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. She was the unexpected twin but everyone loved them equally the same. Renesmee is bubbly, sweet, kind and a little shy at times. Allie on the other hand share the same traits as her sister but is a little more outgoing and maybe, just ma...

After The War *Jasper Hale Love Story* by LittleLoveKeys

43 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Vampires
The Cullens need witnesses. Witnesses to prevent the Volturi from destorying Bella and Edwards daughter Renesmee and the entire family. So they search for friends. And when Rosalie and Emmett frind the rogue Garrett they see he has a friend who he calls his sister, Vivian. Both agree to help with th...

Renesmee's Sister

14 pages · Fantasy · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Edward and Alice couldn't see that there was another child in Bella's stomach, but there was. Her name is Emmalie Elizabeth Cullen, her gift blocked out Edward and Alice's gifts. What happens when the Volturi visit and they found out Emmalie's mate is one of highest ranking guards on the Volturi?

You Are My Gravity (Paul Lahote LS) by Joey

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Romance
"She was unplanned." Alice stated. "I know but we need to name her." before I studied her awhile. "Brietta Isla Cullen." I can suddenly feel that I'm in a vision with Alice in it too. We were both shocked and realized, it was Bri who projected it to us. She showe...

Zenesmee Cullen. [Seth Clearwater Love Story]

105 pages · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Romance
It's just a life. A life about Renesmee's not identical twin sister, Zenesmee Rosalie Cullen. Her life... Well, full of hate, love, like a normal life. "I love you." I said as our foreheads touching. "I love you too." he replied. "I love you more." "I love you most." "I love you more...

The Evil One (twilight) by Can I Be Your Kiss Under The Mistletoe

45 pages · Fantasy · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Rated T for Teen! I'm Renesmee's sister, Moon, I am basically the unwanted one. Nessie is more better, lighter and wanted then me. I am the "Evil One" I guess.

Dangerous (Jacob Black) by Aurora Shannon

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Romance
Bella's favourite twin. Renesmee's protective sister. The most powerful vampire in existence, because her power is very dangerous. Beauty has gotten it's true meaning by explaining dear Elizabeth. What is her future when the werewolf Jacob imprints on her?

Emadon Jasmett Roslice Cullen by AnnaBella

2 pages · Fantasy · Twilight · Fan Fiction
"There's another one?" Jacob said, appalled. My head whipped back to Bella's womb. Indeed he was right. Although she didn't look like a regular baby. More like a tiny, bundle of limbs. I quickly reached in and pulled her out. It was harder because she was so fragile. I felt like ...

Stuck In Her Shadows by Şpëñcër Çûłłëñ

6 pages · Adventure · Twilight · Fan Fiction
Daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. Younger twin sister of Renesmee Cullen. Meet Mariana Lyric Rosalice Cullen. Mariana was always hated my her mother because she's not like Renesmee. Stuck in her sisters shadows Mariana tries to show them that she's no shadow. She is Mariana.

Imprinting On The Strange (A Seth Clearwater Love Story) by mentallyinvincible

51 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Romance
Angel December Cullen is the younger yet older sister of Renesmee Cullen. It's natural for people to not understand. She doesn't too. She's afraid of herself and what she can do. She turns to running away and pushing people away. But then, she meets Seth Clearwater. A cute, child-like, s...
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