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222 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
In a terrifying new world, humans no longer rule. Vampires reign after the cold war that took out nearly half the human population and now control the cities and society ...

When It Reigns (A Roman Reigns Story)

45 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Danielle Garcia-Colace is the younger sister of The Bella Twins. Just like her sisters she is a WWE Diva, but she's not the typical no talent diva. For close to two ...

Reign of Fear

41 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
*Jelsa story* "You know, Jack Frost," Pitch sneered, "I met someone very much like you long ago, in a much different place." "Is that so?" asked ...

WWE Oneshots/Imagines/Preferences

29 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Between a mixture of One Shots, Imagines and Preferences with the WWE wrestlers (Reader insert x Wrestler)

The Hounds are Calling.

152 pages ~ Completed · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Emma Orton has been in the WWE for five years, but now they're switching up her story line. What happens when she's teamed up with the Hounds of Justice?

Reigns My Heart ~A Roman Reigns Fanfic ~

37 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Alexa Walker, one moment a regular girl and the next dragged into the WWE universe by Stephanie McMahon after Alexa's mother sent a letter to Triple H claiming that A...

Saved by the shield

313 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Mystery
Orphan Tori has managed to get caught up in Kane's plot to run the WWE, however she begins to gain feelings for other superstars, will she break free of Kane's ch...

Newest Shield Member

188 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction
Basically, Jojo is saved by The shield's Seth Rollins and becomes the first female Shield member. This is a Jojo and Seth Rollins story with a smidge of Dean/Paige an...

Hidden Tragedies

54 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
FINISHED Everybody has a story and a reasoning. Clew Cunnings is a not-so-normal teenage boy until he meets new student, Reign Adas. Being misunderstood is the least of ...

тнe ιɴjυѕтιce тнαт cαɴ'т вe вroĸeɴ...

47 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
Alexis Drake is one of the most popular faces of WWE. Everybody fell in love with the sassy badass with a hint of girly girl act. But 3 men caught eye of the unique girl....

His daughter's nanny

41 pages ~ Completed · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
{Roman Reigns LOVE story} I am an ordinary nanny. But I'm not babysitting an ordinary little girl, her father is WWE superstar Roman Reigns. However, I have a big se...

The Angel and The Hound (Roman Reigns ...

68 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Willow Calaway is the daughter of Mark Calaway A.K.A. The Undertaker. Her mother died after giving birth to her so she traveled with her father for most of her life. Her ...
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Mary Stuart in San Francisco!

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Mary Stuart was a typical 21 year old girl when her mother moves to India for a year she agree to a take a job as a nanny in the wealthiest family in San Francisco. Every...


25 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
She Inspired Him. He Changed Her. They Made Each Other Better People. He Loved Her Even When No One Else Did. She Excepted Him Even For His Flaws.

The Warp Of Time (Justin Bieber Love S...

Alondra was a normal teenage girl who lived in California. Always wishing for herself to meet the love of her life. Justin Freaking Drew Bieber! What wasn't to love a...

WWE Boyfriend Scenarios

45 pages · Short Stories · WWE · Fan Fiction
If you'd like me to add anyone/ideas then please leave me a comment and I will try my best to please you. May end up rejecting them if I cannot do them, my apologies ...

The Cry of the Ghost

4 pages · Romance · Horror
Mary is the Queen of Scotland and goes off to live with her handsome fiancé. There are rumors that there is a ghost in the castle she is visiting. Will she be able to su...

We Are The Breaking Dawn

34 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Action
Two new Diva's step into the WWE universe. Will they shake things up? Will they become the new champions? Their journey starts now.

Falling Within The Void

22 pages · Romance · Realistic
♥ An Original Romantic Novel ♥ Meet Leela Ingris... an elegant, misunderstood teenager with a traumatic past that plagues her life. With an angelic mother who ...

Little Pup~Sequel to Little Wyatt~

17 pages · Romance · WWE · Fan Fiction
"Don't bring this on me, Jonathan. You wouldn't listen to me, you blamed me. And it wasn't my fault. But that didn't matter to you. All that mattered ...

The New Reign

5 pages · Romance · Mystery
'You are not Damon Harvey anymore. You are Sir Damon Westlake, the heir of this throne.' Set in the early 1900s, this is the story of your average, american, sma...

Reigning England [Original]

14 pages · Romance · Realistic
Two sisters have grown up without a father as long as they can remember, not that they minded. The two girls were perfectly content with their lives in their small apartm...

WWE High

15 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction
Welcome To WWE High.
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