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Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios

90 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Just what the title says~ ~Contains: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Dark Link, Lost Silver, Bloody Pa...

Mαу тнє bєѕт mαη wιη (reader x creepyp...

102 pages · Romance · Horror
"She's mine all of you back off she may not know that I love her but she will be all mine someday." -Jeff "I want more than her kidneys. I want her heart...

Innocents Lure (Jeff The Killer Love S...

130 pages ~ Completed · Action · Romance
A young girl who sees a light through all darkness, captures the heart of possibly one of the most darkest hearts out there. And all with a simple action.

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

60 pages · Romance · Short Stories
(CHARACTER REQUESTS CLOSED!) It includes Jeff, Slenderman, BEN, E.J, Masky and Hoodie. It shows how you meet, you meet again, he develops feelings for you, he asks you ou...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

27 pages · Humor · Romance
Includes: Jeff, BEN, Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Happy Appy, Zalgo, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Sonic.exe, and Lost Silver.

50 Shades Of Blades (Jeff The Killer X...

44 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
(Yeah I know there are thousands of these....) The creepypastas have gotten on Slendy's last nerves, so he decides he is going to punish them by sending them to the o...

This Feeling

84 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
[Reader x Jeff the killer] You just moved into a new town, for a fresh start. All is good during the day, the tranquility of the neighborhood makes you feel welcome. Duri...

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

54 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So... I didn't really wanna write something like this I just wanted to do stories like different but this might be the best way. My pasta right now are, Slenderman, J...

The Mad House

39 pages · Horror · Adventure
Creepypasta X Reader, you are all in an asylum together. I don't own the creepypasta characters or the pictures used in this tale. Feedback is appreciated!

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

81 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
Loved reading these, and decided to do my own :3 Includes, Jeff, BEN, EJ, Masky, Hoodie, Slenderman, and moreee Enjoy~~

Smirk *Jeff the killer love story*

106 pages · Romance · Horror
A shy girl with a big secret falls in love with a killer with secrets of his own.

How a Proxy is....Born?

94 pages · Adventure · Horror
(Creepypasta x Oc ) Evelyn is just an average 13 year old girl... besides her eyes changing color, her mom warning her never to go in the woods, and the feeling of be...
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios~

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
These are just some cp bf scenarios that I'm gonna make with βεЙ ĐяợWЙєĐ these are our first scenario thingies so we hope it doesn't suck (: The guys a...

Slaved Love (Jeff the killer X Reader)

9 pages · Action · Romance
You're a slave girl with red eyes and white hair. You were worth lots of money being the last of your kind. Just killing people in the arena as 'entertainment'...

Hatchets and Daggers

8 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
Don't have one yet. Lolzor. :-P I need a new title...

The Creepypastas

56 pages · Horror · Romance
Your not a killer, at least not yet anyways. When unfortunate events go down, partly due to you... You'll have to read to find out what happens :P And I am not advisi...

Creepypasta Stories

44 pages · Horror
This has a lot of original creepypasta stories from so ya i will put the link at the bottom of every stories hope you enjoy


11 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
This is a Creepypasta fanfiction by me. Please tell me if you like where it's going, or anything I can do to make it appeal to you more! {DISCLAIMER: I do not own ...

Slenderman's Little Red Riding Hood.

45 pages · Mystery · Thriller
[Ticci Toby x reader] [Y/N] was a bright girl. She loved everyone, she made everyone smile. She wasn't the type of little girl to misbehave. This child was only 5 y...

Creepypasta boyfriend scenerios

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
Just some random boyfriend scenerios Creepypasta style :D Open for suggestions and stuff :P (Oh yea if I spelt scenerios wrong can you tell me because IDK) Includes: Slen...

My I maginary Friends(Creepypastas X R...

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
(F/N) (L/N) was a not so normal 17 year old girl. Constantly talking to her imaginary friends she is deemed insane at the tender age of 7. She is imprisoned at River Broo...

Dark at Dawn

74 pages · Romance · Horror
Dawn Yami was a 16 year old girl who got bullied,abused and tormented everyday.She meets a boy her age in the woods one day and they become friends. He disappears one day...

Sally's Friend (CreepyPasta)

42 pages · Fan Fiction
While wondering the woods, Sally and her teddy bear, Charlie, find girl that appears to be in her late teens unconscious on the forest floor, and Sally decides to take h...

Twisted Fairytale (Jeff The Killer x R...

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Who needs a castle when you have a mansion? Who needs talking forest animals when you have a talking dog? Who needs a knight in shining armor when you have a guy in a b...
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