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It's Only Love, Baby, That We'...

36 pages · Romance
OK Im obsessed with this new show Slugterra and, ONCE AGAIN, there were no other stories on here. So you know what i had to do. ELiXOc

Passing The Secrets (SlugTerra Fan-fic)

5 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Riley has known about Slug Terra her whole life, just never went there... until now. Years have passed since she's last seen her father. She knew one day it would hap...

Tough love (Slugterra Eli love story)

25 pages · Romance
What happens when the unbeatable masters granddaughter meets Eli Shane...Read to find out


103 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
14 turning 15 weeks after he entered Slug Terra, but doesn't know it. Has one slug that is rare through her eyes meaning he is a Vine Slug. (Not a Vine Drill)

Slugterra: A Girl with Creepy Visions

24 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
A girl named Ashlyn has very odd dreams, or even visions. She actually has a freaky power that scares people sometimes, so she hides it and tries her best to conceal it. ...

Saving SlugTerra

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Layla Nightmare has problems...she can talk to slugs. But what happens when she is betayed by someone she cares about. Who will she side with Eli Shane and the rest of th...

Slugterra little secret.

81 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
A girl named Violet is living with the shadow clan. she has a little secret that is a curse. she can't help it, it happens a lot and she almost killed her self! But w...

You're Not Sorry [Discontinued]

17 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
Lorelei Sanders turns into a furry wolf on the 16th birthday. But don't you fret, she was in a pack. She soon finds her mate is the school jock Dagger. Will he change his...

Hidden Slingers

8 pages · Fan Fiction
A slugterra fanfiction about what it was like before Eli went to slugterra with a small twist.

Slugterra -ON HOLD-

11 pages · Fan Fiction
1st story

You and Me Against the World

3 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
"Holding yourself back dose not make you weak, Sometimes it means you have the strength to let go"

Slugterra: The Cursed Chronicles, Part...

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Hunter is an experiment gone wrong through the dark water testing lab. He manages to escape and tries to get his revenge by defeating Blakks minions. His nemesis Diablos,...
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Slugterra: The DJ Princess

1 page · Fan Fiction · Action
This is a story that takes place miles below the Earth’s surface. No one in the surface world knows about it. Well… except a few who lives or lived in both places at ...

As One

4 pages · Action · Adventure
What if I, Yuki was surprised by anonymous things that only my original characters have. . . .

I ran away (slugterra fanfic)

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Historical
This is my story for wattpad but i transferd it to qoutev and yeah.... Enjoy!