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30 pages · Romance · Fantasy
"Mine," his husky voice whispered in her ear as she shivered in delight. She brought her hands up to his abdomen; moving them up and down his rock hard abs. He gr...

Forever Loved

27 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Love will always continue on, surpassing time, space and even different worlds to reach towards their destined one. No obstacle can stand in its way. Love can even reach ...

Transformers X Reader

51 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A collection of drabbles starring You! Both Decepticons and Autobots from Movie and Prime verse. ((Requests are always open, but I am a bit backed up right now, so ...

Reader One Shots

342 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Here are a few one shots to hopefully make you smile. Starring my OCs, and... You! ♥

South park one shots

25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A bunch of south park one shots starring you, the reader :3 I do take requests :D

Naruto One Shots

247 pages · Short Stories · Naruto · Anime/Manga
One-Shots starring the characters of Naruto. Hope you enjoy! **I may reuse characters but the stories will not be linked unless otherwise told**

Imagine Love Stories

72 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Basically I write love stories starring you (: (REQUEST TEMPORARILY CLOSED) {Now including your break up and makeup, starting on third story}

Percy Jackson Drabbles

132 pages · Fan Fiction
PJO and HoO short stories, starring the reader and whichever character you guys ask for. I'm closing the requests for a little while so I can catch up.

Various Males x Reader

6 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Yes, so basically this is going to be a collection of drabbles and one-shots starring random dude characters and yes, YOU the reader. I hope you enjoy this now, as to se...


120 pages · Realistic · Romance
Hailey Weathers has quite a reputation. She's the smartest girl in the whole school and she's not even a senior. Others pay her to help with their tuition. But wh...

DANGEROUS ~Liam Payne (Punk) Love Story~

37 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
"Who's that?" I asked Leslie. "Oh thats Liam. He got bullied and teased. One dah he just...snapped. He came to school with tattoos and muscles. Stay out of his way , hea ...

Things Guys Should Know (Anime Drabble...

Girls, you know how it is: boys are a weird species. They're so hard to figure out! But we're just as mysterious and headache-induceing as they are (at least, that's what...
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My Love... *A Youtuber Fanfic*

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
"I hope all of you have had your fun," A voice said over the intercom, "But I'm afraid that fun has to end now." Starring: Markiplier, Darkiplier, Pew...

Short Fan Stories (About Anything)

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
These fan stories are just short stories starring you. Enjoy.. ;) (Females aha, a lot of lovin' going on) Will only do more through suggestions :3

Beneath the Surface (a GaLe story)

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Anime/Manga
WELCOME TO FAIRY TAIL Levy McGarden, the smartest, kindest, most lovable shorty of Fairy Tail finally gets a chance to be the main character! What does she do on mission...

Giving In (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
After One Direction has come to an end Liam Payne, currently 25, is struggling to cope out of the limelight. Therefor joins a reality TV show where the housemates party e...

Vanish With my Tears =Soundless Voice=

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
(Based on "soundless voice" by Hitoshizuku-P) *Starring: Len Kagamine as Ciel and Rin Kagamine as Soleil* Ciel flees with his best friend Soleil to the mountains....

2 Sides To Everyone

12 pages · Short Stories
For Leslie Copper, she was living the best of two worlds. Her home and social life were complete opposite to her school life. Leslie's been keeping her cover for 5 ye...

Fake Fiance

What would you do if a wannabe punk rock hottie asked you to be his wife? This is a fan fiction were Jeri Sky struggles to keep her reputation in order. Know for her bad ...

In The End (Final Installment)

After escaping Blaze's clutches with her daughter, Blayde, Lacey 'Faith' Blackburn-Biersack can finally move on from the chaos that has infested her life, now...

Short 'N Sweet! *Anime One-shots!*

Little bite-sized one-shots of pure goodness starring YOUR favorite characters! Please feel free to request!

DarkWonder's Creepypasta one-shot ...

59 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Surprise my dear readers! Since I'm really into Creepypasta and that my stories are going very well, I decided to write Creepypasta one-shots. Yes, this folder...

Hello, Professor

54 pages · Fan Fiction
"Lani Conner. Fred, and George Weasley!" yelled the new Defense Against The Arts professor. I ran down the hall, laughing, with Fred and George beside me. We just...

1989 (Reader x Various Shut Up! Flower...

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
9 '1989' inspired one shots starring various characters from the Korean drama Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.
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