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Junior Year (Teacher-Student)

146 pages · Romance · Realistic
A shy, timid, 16 year old named Hazel Pierce has no idea what she's getting herself into when she walks through the doors of Winneberg High. Well, she sort of does. She k...

An Apple for Teacher

131 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Anastasia Holmes, better known as Anna, has wanted to be a writer since she was a little girl. Now, in her final year before university, she is taking Advanced Writing an...

Obsessive Teachings

67 pages · Realistic · Romance
Everyone loves a story between a student and her teacher. The thrill of the dangerous relationship that usually ends up with the couple running, hand in hand, together in...

The White Wolf (My Mate, My Teacher)

139 pages · Fantasy · Romance
He teaches English, but all she cares about is Chemistry. After finding out that her mate is a English Professor, Beth quickly enrols herself in University to get closer ...

Our Principal

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
It was the way he was put together. The way he steady himself. The way he spoke. The way he behaved around me. The way his hands felt when they ever made contact with my ...

Teach Me ~Teacher/Student Relationship~

22 pages · Romance · Realistic
17-year-old high school senior, Verlaine is longing for something, and it appears in the form of her English teacher Mr. Drake. After Verlaine makes him feel at ease in h...

I Hate you. (teacher x student)

99 pages · Romance · Realistic
Alice and her teacher have a difficult relationship. She hates him, but Mr.Collins says otherwise. She can't believe herself, she is falling for her own music teacher...

Not right.

25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
It's a new year for Elisha, she's just begun her last year in high school. She thought things was going to be perfect, well that is until Mr Bieber becomes her ne...

Guilty Pleasure (BxB)

7 pages · Fantasy · Romance
"See something you like?" He smirked again, so sure of himself. "if you weren't so cocky then maybe there would be potential. " I bit back. He lau...

The Teacher's Pet. Literally

32 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
Jayna is a high-school student. Her crush on her teacher is normal. Right? Wrong. Mr Wayland is actually her mate. Yes, she is a werewolf. She tries to hide her love, but...

Siren (Specialised Book 1) [Completed]

257 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
Bunny Timble, a 17 year old witch, develops her powers early so has to leave for magic training in Russia, however her new mysterious guard is forcing her to feel impossi...

Mr. Know It All

30 pages · Realistic · Romance
What happens when Maya falls in love with her teacher, Mr.Molina?
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To be Simple (Teacher-Student)

34 pages · Romance · Realistic
Dallas Peterson doesn't know what being a normal student even means. Expelled from all six of seven schools in his hometown of Wilsonville, North Carolina, theres onl...

I'm in love with my hot English te...

20 pages · Romance · Humor
Clara is in love with her hot English teacher, Mr Green. What will happen when she confesses her love? Find out in this crazy story.


5 pages · Romance · Fantasy
New girl Annabelle Barrow moves from her previous home with her mother to a small town called Pine Hill. Thinking that she has left her past in the past, she realizes tha...

It's Not That Easy

26 pages · Romance · Realistic
When the shy girl Ashley meets someone she likes for the first time, you would think things are good right? Nope, because it s happens to be her art teacher. Could they m...

Loved by the Teacher L.H+A.I

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The typical teacher student relationship is strictly 'business' But Luke Hemmings & Ashton Irwin did not get that. (Makeshift cover for the time being)

Your Teaching Style Sucks

14 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
(Contains yaoi meaning man x man love. If you don't like please don't read. This is my first story after a very long break of not writing anything.) Eren Jaege...

Somewhere In Neverland

15 pages · Romance · Realistic
Jade Reaves is a champion. She's been through hell and back but she's still standing tall, an independent 17 year-old with a nasty temper. No one could get throug...

The Nerd, The Jerk, And I.

61 pages · Romance · Humor
Delilah Wilde was your average teenager; trying to stay away from the bullies, feeling insecure, and doing her best to stay out of any trouble. That all worked until ...

Bonjour, Monsieur

27 pages · Fantasy · Romance
BXB; teacherxstudent; Monsieur Garrison, and Frank Melle.

Our Love Is Forbidden (Teacher & S...

14 pages · Realistic · Romance
This is a story about an ordinary 16 year old girl called Natalie Reed who goes to an all girls school where she falls in love with her history teacher. With that comes t...

Junior Year

2 pages · Romance · Realistic
As Lydia McNeil begins her junior year of high school, she is put in a class full of seniors, along with one very interesting (and attractive) teacher. This story is a c...

"Roses are red, violets are- I can...

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
As the twin of Harry Potter, Rose has a difficult life already. Now add on plenty of break-ups, hair experiments gone wrong, a teenage pregnancy, and being in love with y...
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