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тнe тeacнer'ѕ мaтe

71 pages · Fantasy · Romance
"Cali," He said, as he pulled me closer to him and buried his face in my neck, taking long, deep breathes. "You're my mate." **Werewolf** © 2013

Army of Two

170 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Olivia Madison. The girl who has too many bruises to count. Niall Horan. The new biology teacher with an unknown curiosity towards the slightly younger girl. He makes it ...

Our Little Secret. |Justin Bieber|

24 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Why stop it? It may be wrong, but it feels so right... doesn't it?" he whispers back. I gulp. "This could lead to something good... and that somethin...

My teacher, my mate?

107 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
What happens when the loner Lilybell maya starts high school and her new English teacher, Mr. Dase, turns out to be a werewolf. Will she believe him when he tells her tha...

Not for sale.

105 pages · Romance · Realistic
*re-written from wattpad, and trigger warning!* Abused by a drunken father and sold to filthy men. Welcome to the life of Marina Sanchez. ...

The Truth, the Lies, and the Love [ON ...

60 pages · Short Stories · Romance
"Delilah, I need to see you after class." Mr. Smith said as the bell rung. After everyone walked out of the class, Mr. Smith told me to close the doors. "What do you ...

So What? Forbidden love

72 pages · Realistic · Romance
Destiny is 18 and recently moved to Los Angeles, California from Georgia. She's starting her senior year at Hollywood High. Mr. Vaio is a new teacher from Italy. What...

Teach Me The Right Way

(TeacherxStudent) When Dulce Vega is accepted to a prominent college, she meets the popular music&arts teacher, Mr. Cooper, but determined to stray away from any new...

Mr. Tomlinson

27 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Read it and find out, Teacher X Student.


23 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Good news, school's out! Well, it's good news for everyone, except for Ryland. Ryland has survived another entire school year, and this time with zero absences. H...

Maybe You Shouldn't Come Back (Tea...

10 pages · Romance · Realistic
(Sequel to Temptations) It's been three years since Dario left, Ava has matured and found a new man in her life who helps her with every part of her life. Her baby girl,...

Student Body

45 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Louis Tomlinson is delusional about how successful he'll be in the future, seeing as he doesn't work at school and doesn't try in anything he does people don&...
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Breaking Bounderies.

7 pages · Romance · Thriller
I know it's wrong to love a older guy, not to mention my teacher. I can't resist, he had me at hello.

Bonjour, Monsieur

26 pages · Fantasy · Romance
BXB; teacherxstudent; Monsieur Garrison, and Frank Melle.

Outlawed Love

67 pages · Short Stories · Romance
(TeacherxStudent) Chelsea absolutely hates school, she doesn't understand anything, she learns slower but not by too much. But one day she meets a guy that changes it...

I Don't Know What To Do (BxB) (Seq...

41 pages · Romance
A touching sequel to I Don't Want This Kind Of Love (BxB) It’s been a year since Sebastian (Mr Win) and Aidan started a loving relationship. Cain, Aidan’s olde...


35 pages · Romance · Humor
(TeacherxStudent) He has weird holes in his ears, and always wears long sleeves even on the hottest of days. Everyone talks about him, he's our temporary teacher unti...

Run Wild-Ronnie Radke Love Story-

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Ronnie Radke is a college professor at a very high rated school in California. Despite his looks and criminal record, Ronnie is one of the most appreciated and probably t...

The teacher [h.s]

6 pages

Shattered Promises

"Ashley." I whimpered. "Please, stop." "I'm sorry Janessa." he mumbled. "I'm so sorry." "Ashley, let me go." I softly dema...

Nothing's ever enough [Niall Horan...

2 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
A sad teacherxstudent story

SnK High School!

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Teacher!Levi x reader x Eren You, along with your best friend Emiliee, are entering your sophomore year of Wings High School. With the new year comes crazy stunts, obses...

Heart Attack

3 pages · Realistic · Romance
Kylie is one of the the popular girls in her high school. She always gets the best of everything and is always one step ahead of the game. But when her old neighbor and c...

Completed- Blaze In the Teacher [Seque...

28 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Humor
You know about Kaitlynn. And we've mention Emilee (previously Kylie) before. But you have no idea what goes on. An old face from the original story makes an apperienc...
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