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Teenagers, Love, and Pregnancy

79 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Realistic
"Positive?" I choked, tears rushing to my eyes. "I. . .I can't be pregnant! Not with my ex's baby!" |A teen pregnancy story|

She's a Good Girl

69 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Dude, she's totally a goody-two shoes! I mean, do you really wanna nail a girl like that?" Calum asked, chugging down a sprite. I shook my head. Des was anyt...

Too soon *COMPLETED*

81 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
One night was all it took. One night was all it took for my world to crash. If I hadn't gone to the store, I wouldn't have met him. If I hadn't met him, my li...

The Eighteen Year Fallout

133 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
Who knew that agreeing to sleep with the school's player would lead to such chaos? Then again she'd heard the stories and she'd read enough books to know what happens whe...

Why Didn't You Tell Me?

39 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
It has been almost three years sense Rebecca Grace and Liam Payne broke up, but what Liam didn't know was that when he left Rebecca she was a month pregnant.Two years...

Be Alright // Shawn Mendes

61 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kinsey Matthews. A name that only the most high class Riverstone alumni knew, Kenzie Matthews' younger sister. Kenzie, otherwise known as the most popular girl at Riv...


76 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Danielle Woods is the most popular girl in the school. She's the head cheerleader, she has the best grades, and her parents are the wealthiest in town. She also has t...

The Alpha's Baby

5 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Adventure
My mate is the future alpha. I am not good looking so he goes find other girls to screw with. He treats me like crap and it hurts because he's my mate after all and I do ...

Daydreamin' // DEREK HALE

182 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Madison Argent moved to Beacon Hills with her family. She doesn't have the best luck with guys, but how long will it take for her to fall in love with 'tall, dark...

It happens to ''good girls'' too!

6 pages ~ Completed · Realistic
At 16, a 'good girl' became a mother... here, this is her story

Forgive Me? Complete

51 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Twilight · Fan Fiction
She has a crush on someone. Is it bad that it's her bully? Is it bad that he got her pregnant? Is it good that she ran away? Will she return?

Learning from Mistakes *Finished*

67 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Sequel to Against All Odds. (Until THAT Night) The baby is coming. Abree and Grayson are living in a shelter. They're totally not ready. What will happen when the baby a...
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I'm For You

14 pages · Fan Fiction
Nineteen year old Ellie Margera has a promising life ahead of her; university, scholarships- the lot. That is until she finds out some pretty devastating news regarding a...

New Beginnings

11 pages · Mystery · Romance
Sienna has lost both of her parents. Throughout this time she finds out deceiving secrets as to why she never met the rest of her family. Being a 14 year old girl with a ...

Have Hope

21 pages · Realistic · Romance
Well. Have Hope is about a girl named Nicole and her boyfriend Ryan. They are both homeless. One day, they find a little boy named Joey who has been left in the alleyway ...

Tomorrow, Be Better

228 pages · Romance · Realistic
Mia Davis was a product of a teenage pregnancy, with both her neglectful parents "working" she was left alone with a so called babysitter, that so happens to be h...

Average Teenage Love

55 pages · Romance · Realistic
Everything was ok until the night of my brother 18th birthday party. I'm just a 16 year-old girl, and now my life seems to be falling apart. Luke won't look at me...

Loving You Is An Understatement

5 pages · Realistic
I'm Charlotte Campbell and something unexpected happened to me at 16 years old that will change my life forever...

One of These Promises Must Be Kept

25 pages · Romance
Feeling abandoned and alone, Isabelle Tage is moved to Maine by her conservative parents, she's lived her whole life in an attempt to be the child her parents wanted....

Alone - A teen pregnancy story - // Fi...

20 pages ~ Completed · Realistic
Slow updates*

Pregnancy Pact

43 pages · Romance · Realistic
There are clubs, and pacts for almost everything in high school. Normally young girls would want to be in drama, art, or photography club. But not these girls. They want ...

Unexpected // Niall Horan AU

10 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Arielle Underwood never thought that a drunken mistake could land her and her boyfriend, Niall Horan, expecting. When they get a little carried away, they find out they a...


11 pages · Romance · Realistic
Sara had always been a good daughter. She grew up with a family who raised her right, and had always taught her to be herself. She followed after her dreams of being a co...


32 pages · Romance
이하은 (aka, Gracie Lee) is the epitome of the perfect daughter. She gets straight A's, never misses curfew, doesn't curse, and hates all things evil; to top i...
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