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Teen Wolf Preferences and Images

169 pages · Fan Fiction
You're About To Lose Your Mind

Teen Wolf Preferences

99 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
[REQUESTS OPEN] All are written by me. Includes Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Derek, Aiden, Jackson, Liam and Parrish.

Teen Wolf Preferences.

110 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Just some preferences from Tumblr. ALWAYS FROM TUMBLR UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE~

One Shots

43 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Based on imagines I find on Tumblr. MULTI-FANDOM

Teen Wolf Preferences

49 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A series of Teen Wolf preferences.

Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Yes, I am doing Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines just like everyone else. These will be from my own mind but if you guys have any prompts/ideas, let me know.

Teen Wolf Preferences ~

11 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Stiles ~ Scott ~ Derek ~ Peter ~ Liam ~ Parrish Just ask if you want me to add someone, I won't bite! Hard ;)

Teen Wolf || One Shots ||

27 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
Request forms will await you on the first chapter! :) Anything that you can think of but can't seem to execute (Or are too lazy, like myself) and I'll do my best ...

Teen Wolf Preferences

41 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Most of these will come from Tumblr.

One Direction And Teen Wolf Imagines A...

53 pages · Fan Fiction
I am not accepting requests due to school. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will start accepting requests once I feel that I have a handle on school. Thank you.

Teen Wolf Preferences

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Requests are open :) Includes Liam and Parrish because he's one hot deputy

Teen Wolf Preferences

213 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Teen Wolf Preferences ♥
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Teen Wolf Preferences and Imagines (RE...

56 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Includes liam, scott, derek, stiles, Garret, and Parrish REQUEST CLOSED

Tᴇᴇɴ Wᴏʟғ Pʀᴇғᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇs

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
❋ Preferences including; Scott, Stiles, Derek, Aiden, Liam, Parrish, Jackson, Garrett, and Issac. Other boys can be added per request. ❋

Teen Wolf Preferences

1 page · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hi! So, I haven't seen a lot of these around, why not? These include Scott, Stiles, Derek and Isaac. Please request any preferences that you'd like me to write or...

Teen Wolf Preferences :)

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Requests are open! We will normally do Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Derek, Aiden, Jackson, and Peter but if you want someone else in this just ask! One shots/imagine requests ar...

Teen Wolf Preferences

12 pages · Fan Fiction
Only Scott and Derek and Stiles. I will update this as Seasons go on.

Teen Wolf Preferences and One-Shot #2 ...

31 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Continued from my other one.

Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines

55 pages · Fan Fiction
Requests are closed.

Teen Wolf Preferences

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Read the title *Requests closed for now* © Copy Right 2014

Teen Wolf Preferences

148 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Had Stiles, Derek, Scott, Isaac, Aiden and Jackson NOW HAS PARRISH, LIAM, GARRETT, BRETT (start in pref #37) Scott, Stiles, Derek, Peter bonus chapters of girl on girl ...

Teen Wolf preferences

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
I know that we have a lot of these already, but most of them that I read are ones from Tumblr. I will write these from scrap. No copying, no tumblr. I will put these up o...

Teen Wolf Preferences/ Imagines

31 pages · Fan Fiction
Contains Scott, Stiles, Derek, Parrish, Liam, and Peter. Brett as of Preference six.
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