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TMNT A forgotten friend and a found love by CoyoteDragon

267 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
Eleven year old Raphael has a best friend his family doesn't know about.But Leo finds out, when Leo snitches on Raph, he's forbidden from seeing his friend anymore.five years later on patrol the guys rescue a girl from some thugs.then the fun starts, as funny, scary, and romantic moments unf...

A New World by Alie

17 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
Sammy matthews was a normal teenage girl, or so she thought. She was brought into a new wold she never new existed. She met her mate, the alpha. But not long after that a vampire comes along saying that sammy belongs with him. Who will sammy choose? Or will she even get a choice?

The It Couple *Justin Bieber Love Story* by Emmers

226 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
I felt his warm lips on my cheek as the screams grew louder, cameras flashing in every direction. Through all of it I could still feel Justin's arm tight around my waist.  "Mandy," He murmured, taking my chin with one finger, "You're beautiful." Justin smiled, looking as handsome as ever. He kiss...

Earhart High by Prinsesa

16 pages · Adventure · Romance
Welcome to Amelia Earhart High, a high school where two unforgettable sophomores Ariana Mason and Chelsea Benson; an unlikely trio with seniors Javier Mason, Tyler Benson, and Robert Grose all go to school. With adventures like almost drowning in a choir practice room, a strange old man called beard...

The Modern Day Romeos

47 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Alec Capulet and Kris Montague. Different lives. Different ages. Complete enemies. But how can they not love each other, when they are everything each other wanted? The two teenagers go to the same school, have the same friends, and quite a few similar interests. And very quickly, small crushes ...

Why me? by Yara Overstreet

67 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Adventure
Have you ever thought why does all that happen to me? Kept asking yourself "why me?" Over and over again?

25 Days Until Christmas! by Joeyglowy

11 pages · Short Stories · Romance
[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012] [Turtles x Reader] [Mini One Shot Collection] 25 days until Christmas. 25 different activities to be done. 25 ways to get into romantic situations. Christmas is the time of year where you experience joy, happiness and best of all. You get presents! But to them, yo...

I Kissed My BestFriend's Boyfriend by Katy

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
What happens when a kissing booth forces you to kiss the guy you were forbidden to love? What if that guy happened to be the school's sexiest hearthrob and worst...your bestfriend's boyfriend? A story about a kiss that changed Rachel Evans highschool life forever.

He loves me, He loves me not. (A Zayn Mailk love story) [FINISHED] by Shanice

136 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
A romantic tale based in London. Rochelle, once an ordinary girl with a perfect life that any girl would die for, to be beautiful, talented and loved by a teenaged heart throb. Who knew that the love of her life, so perfect and innocent, could do so much damage?

Maryanne by woɴт yoυ тαĸe мe нoмe

2 pages · Romance
In the 1950's normal high school girls were loud and social...Not Maryanne. She shy and quirky. What will happen when she falls in love with a bad boy?

Promise Me

56 pages · Romance
To: Catalina Paige From: Lucas Andrews I Promise no matter what I will be here. No matter what the answer is I'm here for our baby. I will always be here to help you and the baby. No matter what I will be here. Babbe I Love you ♥ :*

Beginning Of A Story by UnicornLife

98 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
I've always been the kind girl, you know? The one everyone rely on, the one people try to abuse of her kindness, but even though she knows that, she still do the favor they ask for. The one that goes unnoticed, except when they need something, the filler, the ''oh-so-kind girl from class...

The Werewolves in Holloway. by Victoria

24 pages · Romance · Mystery
Gwyneth Fitzgerald is definitely not a normal 16 year old teenager. She is cocky, confident and doesn't like being told what to do. Gwen is a rebel, with an abusive past and a unknown power. Alec Greywind. Alpha of the Greywind pack, one of the largest and most feared packs in the United Stat...

One Love (Apritello Short Story) by tmntsushigirl

25 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
(A short story which takes place some months after my tmnt fanfic TMNT: Nightfall) April and Donnie spend an amazing and romantic night togteher. But all their dreams about the future risks to crash down when something terrible happens to April right after their night together. Something no one coul...

You're My Purple

16 pages · Romance · Realistic
An online friendship that started from a mutual friend throws two teenagers into something a little bit sweeter. Read it and find out more ^^

What Is Love? by Forever Young

23 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Humor · Romance
I’ve been in love. Once, twice, maybe even three times. Or that’s what I told the boys I was with at the time. I never knew what love was until the day I met him. I made some mistakes, a bunch of them. But one mistake opened my eyes to the wonderful thing of love. Every teenage girl dreams of fa...

My Alpha by PromiseSandyx3

17 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Cindy Crawford. An ordinary 17 year old teenager has been having the same dream for the past 4 nights. She's running from a big beast with grey cloudy eyes wanting to kill her in these dark woods with the moon light as her guide. Then there's this other big beast with pure beautiful gold eyes wantin...

Dealing with a devil by Angelyne

33 pages · Romance · Realistic
So, my life story, ey? Well, don’t expect it to be perfect. In fact, don’t expect it to be great, or nice, or pleasant, because my life is a total mess. Despite all my 'teenage problems', there is a 'problem' living next door. The devil, you might have heard of him? Well, when I ...

Abnormal Soulmates by Hannah

30 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Skylar is in the middle of her Sophomore year when a guy name Raiden comes along and changes her life forever. A little while after meeting Raiden, someone has been making strange appearances around Skylar and sending her notes with endless riddles. Will Skylar find this stalker and will she be able...

Love at Sunhaze County (The Harries Twins Fanfiction) by Sheeriin

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ivy, a 17 years old teenager, lives in small resort for the summer, in company with her bestfriend Patricia. The girls bump into booking problems and end up having to share a cabin with other people. It later is shown that these 'people' happen to be Jack and Finn Harries. How are the girls ...
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