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Teenagers, Love, and Pregnancy

79 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Realistic
"Positive?" I choked, tears rushing to my eyes. "I. . .I can't be pregnant! Not with my ex's baby!" |A teen pregnancy story|

She's a Good Girl

70 pages · Adventure · Romance
"Dude, she's totally a goody-two shoes! I mean, do you really wanna nail a girl like that?" Calum asked, chugging down a sprite. I shook my head. Des was anyt...

Too soon *COMPLETED*

81 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
One night was all it took. One night was all it took for my world to crash. If I hadn't gone to the store, I wouldn't have met him. If I hadn't met him, my li...

The Eighteen Year Fallout

133 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
Who knew that agreeing to sleep with the school's player would lead to such chaos? Then again she'd heard the stories and she'd read enough books to know what happens whe...

Two Worlds [Ciel x Reader]

38 pages · Anime/Manga · Adventure · Fan Fiction
You're just the average teenage girl. You go to school, you live with your parents, you have chores and live a mostly normal life ... except for the fact that you are...

The Alpha's Baby

5 pages · Romance · Adventure · Fantasy
My mate is the future alpha. I am not good looking so he goes find other girls to screw with. He treats me like crap and it hurts because he's my mate after all and I do ...

Arranged, Not Chosen

43 pages · Romance · Realistic
Growing up royal is not as fun as it looks. Falling in love is ten times harder, especially when you are arranged to marry someone you can't stand.

Tales of Another Broken Girl

87 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Everly Rose was your typical privileged teenage girl. She lived in a big beautiful house, had rich parents who spoiled her rotten, a hot older brother and a pretty little...

Becoming Joey |Sequel to Teenagers, Lo...

27 pages · Romance · Realistic
His parents had him at age eighteen. Refusing to be like them, Joey Malone seeks a wild and crazy love as well as the truth about his namesake and godfather. Slowly, he...

He Wants Nothing To Do With Me

51 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Kendall Essex had everything going for her. She had good grades, friends, a boyfriend but her whole world comes tumbling down when one steamy night with her boyfriend end...


49 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
When 17 year old Roxy breaks up with her fourth boyfriend, pregnant, there's only one person there for her, her new boyfriend Jack. During the pregnancy Roxy has to deal ...

I don't care what you think of me.

What happens when a seventeen year old gets pregant with her boyfriend? An amazing story of a girl and her pregnancy, and how it fliped her whole world upside down.
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Tomorrow, Be Better

236 pages · Romance · Realistic
Mia Davis was a product of a teenage pregnancy, with both her neglectful parents "working" she was left alone with a so called babysitter, that so happens to be h...

High School Tragedy

7 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Quinn has lived with her mother and her older sister all her life, her father died when she was 14 from lung cancer. She starts her senior year at a new high school the c...

My Everything*(formerly Teen Pregnancy...

41 pages ~ Completed
I was just another sixteen year old, falling for the new boy in town. But this new boy had other plans and things could unravel quite fast... ~a set of heartbreak ...

Caught between two worlds

22 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
After the loss of Ashley's parents she is forced to move across the country, were she meets a boy that changes her world. But what happens when the boy gets a record ...

Teenaged and Pregnant With What?

24 pages · Fantasy · Short Stories
Haven is just a teenage, "semi-goth" (or whatever the hell you wanna call it) girl, okay? She just tries to get through high school so she can move out and go to ...

Left Behind ~Book One~

4 pages · Romance
A Teenage Pregnancy.

Have Hope

26 pages · Romance · Realistic
Well. Have Hope is about a girl named Nicole and her boyfriend Ryan. They are both homeless. One day, they find a little boy named Joey who has been left in the alleyway ...

Right Where I Belong

11 pages · Realistic
*updated version* Aerin lives with her dad, his girlfriend and step-brother and although they don't have a lot of money to play with, it beats living with her protec...

Double The Trouble

4 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
After Rosalie leaves Emmett for the possibility of being a mother, Emmett meets Jasmine, a fifteen year old girl from a small city in Alaska. This, is their story.

One night can change everything

3 pages · Romance · Realistic
Sarah Tones is 16 and got pregnant by her boyfriend, Damien Sate. She told him about the pregnancy and he broke up with her. Damien's best friend, John Evans got mad ...

Average Teenage Love

57 pages · Romance · Realistic
Everything was ok until the night of my brother 18th birthday party. I'm just a 16 year-old girl, and now my life seems to be falling apart. Luke won't look at me...

Down The Rabbit Hole

28 pages · Romance · Realistic
Lila is good girl living with her aunt in Atlanta, Georgia, but when Lila finds herself pregnant her whole world will change: For better or worse? She'll have to make...
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