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His Weakness by TheBlueRose

70 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
"Don't you understand!" Kol yelled, approaching the girl who was cowering against the wall. "No one has ever loved me! My own FAMILY only put up with me! I'm not supposed to be loved!" Blood dripped down Kol's chin. "But then you came you came. You and you're shyness, and quietness, and-and kindness...

The Allure of the Salvatore Woman by вяєαтнℓєѕѕ єℓєgαηċє

101 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
She's got Damon's sarcasm and strength, mixed with Stefan's devotion and ambition and her own beauty and compassion- but do you know what else she has? The heart of the one and only Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson... and perhaps others, as well.

Haunted (The Vampire Diaries) by Jessy

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
In 1929, Klaus fell in love with a girl. After he turned her into a vampire, they were separated. Seventy years later, they are reunited.

These Broken Promises (Kol Mikaelson) by Jzie Louis

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
Abigail Saltzman. Daughter of Isobel and Alaric Saltzman. Some people say she's a combination of Caroline and Rebekah. Because of her ability to see the good in everyone, she befriends everyone she meets. Even Klaus. What happens when she meets Kol Mikaelson? Lol, jk. You know exactl...

My Precious Little Toy | Kol Mikaelson by Damaged But Still Beautiful

33 pages · Fantasy · Vampires
'Now darling let me make myself clear. I control you. You will do everything I say. You don't like? Well, you don't have to. But if you ever fight back you will be punished. I can think of a lot of things and I can do a lot of things. And I promise, you will not enjoy a single bit of any...

Elijah's Daughter by Aѕтrιd Singer is the Halloween Queen

25 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Adventure
Everlyn Mikaelson the daughter of Elijah and Miranda.When Everlyn was little her Mother was killed by a vampire. Her life is drastically changed her Father so depressed about her Mother's death locked himself in his room and Everlyn and her little brother are sent off to live with and Uncle th...

Uncover (Kol Mikaelson Love Story) by lost in fantasy

158 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
“Stop it.” she ordered, stepping back, “I don’t want you to touch me.” Kol raised his eyebrows and took a step closer to her, “Why? Because of your boyfriend?” “Yes.” Emily said shortly. “So if you didn’t have a boyfriend, you wouldn’t mind me touching you?” Kol asked, t...

Lead Me Home [Kol Mikaelson] by lιννу nιcole

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
Kol Mikaelson never expected for a simple red head to take over his life and creep into his mind at the most unexpected moments but it had happened. Her sarcastic attitude and hatred for him had intrigued him and pulled him into her world making him want to know what makes her tick, making him want ...

Pure Love (Vampire Diaries) *Editing* by Joy

103 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
I've been locked in my own basement my whole life. My sister didn't even know i existed, not even my brother did. My parents were the only one who knew who i was, they were the one who told me i couldn't go out. They never let me out, one time i snuck out, they yelled at me. I never done...

Falling for the Enemy (Completed)

92 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy in life is when men are afraid of the light."

For the Devil to Dance Again. Kol Mikaelson. by Normal is Boring

40 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Anastasia lost her parents at a young age. She was taken in by her loving Grandmother Frankie a very powerful witch who happens to be indebt to one Klaus Mikaelson. When Klaus comes to Frankie demanding that she bring Kol back she has no choice but to do it. Kol takes an interest in the beautiful An...

Petrova Doppelgangers

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
Petrova doppelgänger's lives were never easy. The curse continued with Aurora and Elena Gilbert: two girls that were best friends as well as doppelgänger twins. Not only was there blood valuable to break a curse that neither of them understood, but that was what both of them thought was the ea...

The Youngest Mikaelson. by Christinaaa

119 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Kristie Mikaelson is one of the originals. As the youngest Mikaelson, she's misunderstood as fragile. This is her story, from her point of view. Unexpected scenarios occur, along with different allies that were never thought to be seen. Love may also occur for the youngest sibling. You'll ha...

More Than Love Itself *Kol Mikaelson*[Under Major Editing]

150 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
Andrea "Andy" Gilbert and her brother Jeremy were as close as brother and sister could be but when she learns he dies the night they hunt down the cure from Silas that pushes her over the edge. She tries committing suicide at the bridge of her mother and father's death and Kol ends up sa...

Best Friend's Brother(Klaus Mikaelson) by Single4Life

32 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Alexandria Lulu Starr is a regular human girl. But, unlike other normal girls, she hangs around with other species. She has grown to like them, seeing that they would not hurt her. Ever since she became best friend's with Kol, she doesn't see why everyone seems to be afraid of them. But when she alm...

Unknown Love (Sequel to Innocent Girl)

66 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
The Youngest Gilbert was killed by Damon Salvatore. Her neck was snapped and her older sister felt guilty about it all, and wanted to say sorry about everything. But it was too late. Mikayla's been dead for a few days now and nothing is the same. Klaus has gone on an angry rampage, killing whoev...

Wicked Heart [Kol Mikaelson Love Story - Finished.]

82 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"I will hunt you down and I will rip you apart, limb from limb, making sure that your heart is still beating until I rip your head off." he growled into the phone, causing chills to run down my spine. "And if you don't find me?" "Oh don't worry, darling. I will."

Feel His Bite [Kol Mikaelson Love Story] (Finished)

108 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
"I can do whatever I want." He replied, and I groaned getting up. "You know what? This is pointless. I am trying to reach out to you despite everything you've done and you can't even get out of you're own way." I pointed my finger at him now. "I don't only despise...

The Rebel and Her Original

20 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
October Raven Gilbert, the middle Gilbert, has always been the rebel of her family. Born with shining black hair and purple eyes and a power she can't control, she is the misfit of the Gilbert brood with their brown hair and eyes. What happens when she meets Kol Mikaelson? And what exactly is sh...

Familiar Strangers

55 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
" I feel like I know you.. But It's not possible. It can't be. I just have this feeling of familiarity. Have we met before? " He shook his head from side to side slowly and spoke with a hint of sadness in his voice, seeing her like this.. it broke him. " No. No, we haven't. ...
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