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Weeping Willow.

31 pages · Thriller · Realistic
Hello, I'm Willow Everette. I am 15 years old, I live with my Grandma and twin sister, Kristen. And I have a condition that is commonly known as a split personality. ...

The Way Of The Angels

7 pages · Fan Fiction
Willow was just a normal girl....well, except for the face she lived in a game called Garry's Mod. Also...the fact she was half weeping angel. Yup, the Doctors one an...

Weeping Willow

13 pages · Anime/Manga · Realistic · Fan Fiction
“Have you ever been lonely before?” “Asking a question with a question does not work. Do you wish to make a contract with me?” “Loneliness is a horrible...

Kiss me hard before you go

35 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Where do I start? Hell I don’t even know where to begin, but I know it all started with me. I killed so many of my friends and worse. I think I know where to start, it...

The Weeping Willow

2 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories
This place was our kingdom, our play ground with an audience of daisies peeking through the green grass that was our stage.

Deep in the Meadow, Under the Willow *...

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Life isn't always easy deep in the meadow, under the weeping willow. {ƒαιтн, ℓσνє, αη∂ α ѕρяιηкℓє σƒ нσρє ρяσ∂υcтισηѕ © All R...

Weeping Magic

27 pages · Science Fiction · Fantasy
Lorem became a guardian of the forest in 1500 and was being hunted by the church for being a witch. Caleb is in similar situation in 2025. They have become traveling part...

The Weeping Willow

33 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Mystery · Adventure
Deep in the heart of Atlanytica Forest, a small tree stood swaying in the gentle breeze. So mighty and strong it was! Farrah is a 13 year old girl who lives with her a...

The Weeping Willow

4 pages · Mystery · Thriller · Romance
When 18 year old Marilyn meets with a tragedy, she starts realizing it all relates to the "Weeping Willow", a willow tree that stands in the center of town. Whe...

I Now Know Why The Weeping Willow Weeps

3 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Thriller
When I was little, I had a both stupid and important question. Why is the weeping willow, the tree in our backyard red? Why is it sad? My mom told me it was natural an...

Say it.

4 pages · Realistic
He got amnesia which left Jessica feeling lonely and utterly hopeless. Will he remember her, Will she ever hear him say I love you one more time or was that In the past....

Red Eyes, Underneath Street Lights..

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Also On Watt-pad so COPY RIGHTED- the next day, Louis went out into the woods to his favorite spot on a rock, underneath a large weeping willow over the side of a beaut...
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Weeping Willow (Grimmjow love story)FI...

22 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
Ayame kurasaki is ichigo's younger twin sister she knows nothing about soul reapers or espada until one day a mysterious man saves her from a hallow.

Short Stories

2 pages · Short Stories
Random little stories kind of like RL Stone's Haunting Hour.

Weeping Willow

16 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Willow had a crush. Like a MAJOR crush. On the popular punk, Louis Tomlinson. But she has a problem. She's the bullied girl that everyone hates. Louis could NEVER like he...

Weeping Willow

1 page ~ Completed · Realistic
An abused little girl true story

My Superstar's Keeper

Zayn Malik and I were inseparable. Never quite dating, but inseparable. Now, it wasn't Zayn entering the X-Factor that ruined what we had… It was before that. You see, ...

Rυɴ αwαy вαвy [loυιѕ αυ]

11 pages
ѕнe rαɴ αwαy тo lιve нer dreαмѕ, нer вeѕт ғrιeɴd ғollowed. ѕαɢe нαѕ вeeɴ ѕcαred вυт ѕнe тellѕ ɴo oɴe, ѕнe leтѕ ғew people ιɴ...

The Weeping Willow

3 pages · Romance · Mystery
A 16 year old girl is forced to move to her grandparents house half way across the country. Her life has sucked so far since the death of her Boyfriend and this is just a...

Weeping Willow (A Black Veil Brides Fa...

Willow is an orphan. Her parents left her on the orphanage's doorstep with no record of any of her relatives. One day she meets someone who claims to be her brother. But ...

Weeping Willow (Poem)

2 pages · Poetry · Horror
Poem about suicide. c:

Under The Weeping Willow

4 pages · Romance
Under the weeping willow, that's where I first saw him. Where I first talked to him. Everything happened with him under that weeping willow tree. And I don't want to forg...

The Weeping Willow Tree

1 page
''Oh Um.. I'm not feeling that well. Later Lay.'' And he walked out my door. he kinda stumbled as she walked. Something told me that it was nothing and don't be worried. ...
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