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TMNT - Love Oneshots - Reader Insert

31 pages · Short Stories · Romance
You are another human girl, who was trained by Splinter. The One Shots are based on the TMNT series from 2012, the animated movie from 2007 or both of them. Here we...

MikeyxReader Fanfiction TMNT2012

128 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Since nobody that I have seen has made a direct MikeyxReader fan fiction I decided to give it a shot! I will try to update every day except for Tuesday and Wednesday but ...

Tmnt X Reader~One Shots!

41 pages
Title says it all!

TMNT One Shots

62 pages
Hello, this is my very first story. This is TurtlexReader. Please enjoy!

TMNT Series: Reader X Turtle

33 pages · Fan Fiction
This is all Reader X Turtle. THE WHOLE THING. So sit back and relax as you read this collection of one shots with your favorite man----I MEAN TURTLE. ~enjoy~ P.S: LEAVE S...

TMNT One Shots

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Tmnt Oneshots! Share a special moment with your turtle ♥ I will hopefully be adding more soon.

TMNT One Shots

71 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
These are just One-Shots I make from my own imagination. Feel free to leave requests, just fill out the form on the first Author's Note! c: - Requests aren't exa...

Yandere Love One shots (Ft. Tmnt)

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
He knows your every move... You belong to him under every circumstance but yet, you still try to get out of his clutches as he's not looking. He finds you, tortures ...

One Shots

This is a One Shots Story, so please please please give me something to write about! You can put something in for Young Justice, Teen Titans, TMNT, and Rise of the Guardi...

TMNT 2012 One-Shots

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Hey there! These are just some ideas I have for TMNT. They will be reader intrest, so (Y/N)/turtle or Casey, especially now that he's friends with the turtles. I'...
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TMNT Tots (One-Shots)

4 pages · Adventure · Action
Tmnt Tot stories I came up with.

Random One-shots TMNT

70 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Well this is just the guys no one else...and some basic random things that go on while they aren't fighting crime. (Please don't be atimidated bye the number of pages...

My Gardian Angel ( TMNT x Reader ) One...

28 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
These are one shots about a girl named ( Y/n ) and her adventures but what will happen once she moves to New York City on her 15th Birthday. How will she react when see m...

TMNT requested one-shots

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Basically a bunch of one-shots that my friends requested with Laila(my TMNT oc/whatever turtle they pick)-they're all seperate I will do Laila x reader if you guys...

Battle Scars - A Raph x Reader One Shot

3 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Romance
Another requested one shot by one of my lovely followers/readers! :)

Feelings Unfold - A Leo x Reader One S...

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
A reader x Leo one shot. This was a requested one shot, so I hope you guys like it :) (The 2012 version of TMNT)


6 pages · Short Stories · Romance
A TMNT one-shot. Not much of a summary, but it's worth the read. Josh(Jean as boy)and Casey(Same name even as girl)are experiencing couple problems, Rafela(Girl Rapha...

Metal Heart (Donatello One Shot)

2 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
A Donnie and Reader One-Shot

Tales Of Leo

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
POV: Leonardo - Part of this story takes place after Vengeance Is Mine, and before/during the season finale. I already know that it's not going to happen exactly like...

The Nightwatcher

9 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
RaphxReader ~ This is a One Shot that takes place in the 2007 TMNT movie
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